Make it all electric and they'll have even more room and a 'frunk' in front.
The special attention to front passengers' legs is commendable, but pushing them so tightly against the sides seems like a rather unreasonable thing to do regarding side impact safety, even with a rollcage.
Bob Stuart
So, we all climb in over the cargo? In the city, excess frontal area is not really expensive on fuel, but it can make you very slow in traffic. I'd rather see this split into three or more narrow vehicles that can work together or separately. It is hard to meet the sensible goal of 50% payload with an empty seat.
Joe Blough
Does it run on Pollonium?
You say: "Russian city car leaves convention behind" I say: "Russian city car leaves aesthetics behind"
Man, it's ugly! Looks like a cyberman mask before the scientists got it right.
Jose Gros
A clever design, this: 'Provocator' from Russia, It reminds me the Dutch 'Provos', nice people, and both my: 'Wide Small Car', an AMC Pacer, and the: 'University of Michigan Urban Vehicle', SAE paper 730512. Do they still conduct research in Wankel Engines in Russia? Does it make any sense in a rear wheels steering for this type of car? It would reduce space needs in front, an engine hidden under seats, driving front power wheels through a Quad style differential and axle may go...
Not the prettiest car I've seen, but sure looks functional. The Russkies have combined the SmartCar with a pickup truck and the looks/shape of a Scion xB.
I wonder if you can leave the back hatch open to put in longer lumber, when in p/u mode.
GREAT price for a city car, but I sure wouldn't want to take one on the freeway.
Apple buy these folks and 'bring it'. Go Russkies!
Bob Flint
Offer a pop up 6 seater, and don't they have typical mall type parking lots, this would waste a lot of space in that configuration especially when mixing with regular vehicles.
Does look very solid, almost too solid, where are the crumple zones? You will get bashed around and even with those five point harnesses, your body will bear the brunt of the impact and rebounding off other objects.
Yay! Something to replace the Yugo!