Impressive! Can't wait until the prices come down and it's available in a tourer. Love the idea of charging it at home. Does it have regenerative capacity?
The Skud
Sounds great! Anything that is quieter than a Harley gets my vote. I wonder if the gearing or electronics was modified to limit top speed down to 150 or so km/h, (speed limits and radar cops, you know) distance able to be travelled could be lifted somewhat in proportion?
Electric sports bike? Don't people get it that a big part of the enjoyment is hearing the engine? Does it come with playing cards to put on the wheel spokes?
Craig Jennings
With 180 Nm and 150kW the 0-60 time is 3 seconds? How much does it weigh? Thought it'd be sub 3. (My 675 does it in 3.3 if I abuse the clutch ;) ) Anywho, it looks AWESOME! And I'd love a turn!!! And Skud, 150mph
U$56,499 ?? Is that Rubles? If US dollars, then they are dreaming.
A Zero DS electric for $15 (somewhat overpriced) with with $5-10k modifications to upgrade breaks/suspension, motor, battery pack and current controller would accomplish the same thing. Granted, the Phoenix looks a little better. ...but not as nice as the zecOO.. :)
For that matter, its disappointing that electrics still try and look like ICE machines. A lot of the limitations around economically mating an ICE to the wheels is now gone, so the shape of the machine can be substantially redesigned to accommodate the driver. No more lurching over a fuel tank !!
Rocky Stefano
@SKUD - What's the point of an extreme sports bike without the engine noise? At those speeds I would rather that cars and pedestrians alike can HEAR ME when I'm coming.
@BP. Whether I'm riding a sports bike or a Harley, nothing can replace the buzz from hearing the engine. NOTHING.
science ninja
is there a reason that no charger circut isn't built into the front wheel?
Jim Sadler
Why would anyone want to hear a Harley? They sound like two small lawnmowers that are badly tuned and out of sync. On the other hand electric bikes and cars need to make a bit more noise for safety. Too quiet amounts to sneaky and too quiet will cause accidents. One needs just enough noise to let others know that you are there.
@science ninja truly a pity, but have you ever heard of unsprung weight? that's the reason.
Any idea on total weight ready to rock??
Knowledge Thirsty
@Rocky, This may come a surprise to you, being a rider and all, but the point of extreme sport biking is in the speed and agility of a bike, not in the volume of its noise output...if that were the case, Harleys would be the pinnacle of the sport. We're all glad that you get off on hearing the buzz of your bike, but we're not happy when others (as I'm sure you don't do this) buzz by at 3am and wake us and our families up...that's just rude. But since some people cannot control themselves, we like this trend of electric superbikes and look forward to them replacing the noisemakers. It's actually quite surprising that bikes are not subject to the same noise restrictions that cars are...unless the real problem is in enforcement.
As for this bike...beautiful and inspirational in design and execution...well done! Too bad it and other electrics are so darn expensive still.