Mistbox simply doesn't work. It makes the coolant so super cold that it freezes up your AC unit coils and then you have to waste gas to heat the furnace and melt the ice off the coils for air to pass through. Bought one and nothing I could do would prevent it from freezing up.
These have been around for years now. You can buy them today at Homedepot or Lowes. I don't understand why there is a need for a Kickstarter when it's are ready been started. And why do I need to monitor my mister with a phone. Seems like we are just generating work to do.
Let's not forget the cost of water. In regions where air conditioners run the longest and hardest, the cost of water can be a deciding factor whether to install misters or not.
The cost of the little bit of water this thing uses is insignificant when compared to nearly a third of the power the A/C is using. Systems using modern refrigerants are a bit more sensitive to pressures affected by the mister, but it doesn't exactly flood the coils with a fire hose... Shouldn't be much different than running the A/C in cooler weather. I built one of my own, after measuring the power drawn by my condensing unit. On a day when the temperature was 105 (in Phoenix), mine required 3800 watts without, 2600 watts while being misted. I'll sort out the kinks for that kind of return!
Why not use the condensate as the source of the water? Here in the US Southeast, we have pretty high relative humidities - was 96% this morning at 76°F.
Mike Vidal
I had one of these units back when they first started out, and although they tried their best, it was a complete failure. The unit would start misting on its own without the compressor running. I tried to get my money back and they would not honor their guarantee. I claimed against my credit card and got my money back that way, but they lied as said I had never contacted them. I had saved every email as proof of the ongoing conversation with the problems that I had.
I cannot recommend any iteration of this unit, and the one I had went in the garbage.
Desert Rat
Run away! Run away fast! This is Snake Oil. As mentioned, this concept has been around in different forms for many years. It does not work. It damages your condensing coils with a build up of minerals from ingesting the wet air. The reduction of head pressure is negligible at best. There are more efficient co-axial water cooled lines currently available, but, even with these, the question remains: How much water does it waste, and what are you going to do the used water?
Douglas Bennett Rogers
This is a good use for collected rain water.
Then you can, later on, deal with the calcium deposits that build up on the coil.
Not to pile on but you'd have to use distilled water otherwise the minerals would coat the cooling fins of air conditioner and that would ruin their efficiency.