The Skud
Brilliant! If they get off the ground, a little thought and sales should spread into other fields like motorcycles, ATVs, PWCs etc - any machine that could benefit from better handlebar grip,
Gary Bonney
This would be a pain after a period of time, on longer rides you tend to change your grip and position as your hand gets sore/ stiff. Also if you have twist shifters they would be arkward, the idea is good in theory but not in practice.
Got to agree with Gary Bonney. Personally I've never had my hands tire or slip off my Ergon GR2s and they allow a change of position even with the palm support (and there are versions without the bar-end)
Larry English
a. unnecessary
b. how do you change hand positions?
c. sounds like the kind of thing that could have been done 100 years ago [[no i will not research it]]
Nifty idea, but besides handlebar grips (which as @Gary points out might be suboptimal after a long enough period riding) I imagine hand tools (ratcheted screwdrivers and wrenches) would become more comfortable with customized grips.
This has been done before, I still have a set that came with a VHS tape from Bike Tite (a bike rack company). You heated them up and molded into shape. The diamond pattern is new and these look better, but no thanks.
Not for my money.
A good idea, but more suited for short rides. The quick mount & dismount is a plus, as well as the customize-able color.
Here we go again, another solution to a problem that doesn't exist unless you are limp wristed or a total prat!
Cecil Hutchins
Sounds like a better idea for golf clubs. Create the perfect grip once and replicate it on every swing.