I wonder if there is a military version of this?
A recent piece on TV said Australian soldiers on patrol in Afganistan could be carrying up to 45kg each in weapons, ammo etc.
I\'ll bet in future years they will be seeking treatment for back injuries, ruptured disks, damaged joints etc.
Darryl Duffe
Nice but overpriced
Yes, usariem developed one many years ago. It worked well.
There are a variety of these used by hunters, although typically at less than half this price.
Not really so novel because a similar product has been advertised in the back of Backpacker Magazine for years. Although, I just looked for the name and didn\'t see their ad in the most recent edition.
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we are all sick
Iman Azol
The consensus from people who\'ve made long touring walks is that it\'s easier to push a barrow-like carrier than to pull one.
Only trouble is, wheeled anything is banned in the wilderness areas.
Add a couple of swing down legs, to turn it into a free standing tripod supported table. This is crying for a DIY version on Instructibles or MAKE.
US$1,226??? I have seen this idea years ago too... this one seems way too expensive.
Paul Anthony
Brilliant, and also not good for the environment. Footsteps okay, wheels not okay. Having said that, I want one so that I can bring even more of my stuff out into the wild. :)