Keith Reeder
Who - apart from an eight year old or a Californian - is going to ride a thing like that?
I don't see what problem this product is trying to solve, because it's not compact or does it look efficient to ride. Why would you push when you can peddle? What's with the fat knobbly tires?
The phat tires are just for the looks, and I wonder how often the rider mistakenly impales his leg on the pedals while scooting. Ouch.
And who gets up early on a monday morning to go to a skate park?
Guys, guys, don't you's called "Moox" because it was designed by and for mooks.
Donald Vitez
Inventions in my opinion should solve a problem faced by many consumers, and/or provide to the consumer, a benefit that was previously nonexistent. This product accomplishes neither. Other than looking different, what was the design objective? How can anyone justify the retail price of $999.00?
this idea seems cute on its face but if you're an avid kick scooter person, and have lots of experience biking , it's obvious that the pedals and crank get in the way of the kicking. and , as most people are right handed and right legged dominant, the actual chain and cog are one the right side, which is even worse than the pedals and crank alone on the left.
this is just plain stupid. i mean, if they had been serious about this idea, they would have 1) encased the cog in a chain protecter for right legged kicking 2) found a way to design the pedals and cranks to be out of the way while you kick.
frankly, this isn't really a kick scooter anyways because no one kick scooters off road with mountain tires because it's not only pointless but too difficult. to if it's a kick scooter for streets, it's an awfully heavy , knobby tired, and difficult to kick kick scooter. essentially a piece of crap compared to a 100 dollar razor or total crap compared to an average adult kick scooter like a xootr.
as a bike it's also obviously a piece of shit. and of course, someone will try and slap an electric motor on it and tell you that it's still good 'as a bicycle'.
this is half assed design at its worst. sorry for the scathing review but it's just so obvious the person who designed this is neither into kick scooting nor really into cycling .
i love to hate stuff like this, i admit it.
You've all missed a trick. This the perfect format for learning to ride a bicycle, though cheaper and smaller would be better. Scooting is easier than cycling and this device allows smooth graduation from scooting to cycling. I taught my daughter to ride a bike by getting her to stand left foot on left pedal standing totally on one side of the bike, to ride it as a leaning scooter, whilst rolling down our driveway. I then got her to straddle with both feet on the correct pedals, then sitting and then pedalling. It was a quick and easy learning process.
One of you asked "why would you push, when you can pedal?" Well riding in a crowded are is easier on a kick scooter"But that is not the only reason for that flat area just in front of the pedals,What a nice place to mount a BB drive Motor--be-it an Emotor or a gas engine......I wouls personally mount a "ProGo 3000 25cc 4 stroke Propane powered engine to a chainring on the BB...........
I agree with unklmurray........I like the color...LOL :-)
Hmm - this is actually a copy of a bike called 'Skuby' which has been around since 2005. Rather than buy an ugly thing like the Moox, buy a Skuby instead. It looks much better and offers exactly the same functionality!