Bob Ehresman
Talk about a room with a view... But doesnt everyone want to live (not to mention sleep) somewhere permeated with a rhythmic basso profundo whumping sound?
I know I do.... NOT!
Jeff King
This sounds like the modern day equivalent of the light-house keeper. It would be great except for a few minor problems. First, if it's off-shore, wouldn't it be kind of hard to entertain guests or even grab a quart of milk when you needed it? Second, the noise from the gears and generator would be horrible. Third, image search Google for "wind turbine fire" and see what happens when things go wrong. Not a pretty picture.
It is like the modern version of light house keepers. Some of them were isolated and have a similar problem getting to and from it plus getting supplies.
Perhaps instead of a permament residence, perhaps for emergencies and as a work shop to repair items that need maintanence.
Interesting concept. Now take a moment and goto amazon to look at any review for any air conditioner. The first and primary complaint about any of them, the noise level. Now consider richer, pickier people being sold high end apartments with a MW generator strapped to the wall instead of a kw motor.
you'd have to sound isolate the entire structure away from the rest of the pylon. It would be incredibly expensive just with that addition.
Roma Khudoleyev
If the noise, safety, and supply factors could be addressed, this could actually be a pretty good idea.
Just because it might be a grand idea to put a wind turbine on top of a house, does not mean that the reverse is true.
If they used the apartments as the homes for the , co-op mentality, maintenance crew, instead of the uber-rich ..... I think it has promise.
The noise and vibrations would make it useless as a luxury dwelling, but as free housing with infinite free electric for a mildly trained worker(s), it could totally work.
Vince Pack
I love the idea save one concern - how much EMR would the inhabitants be exposed to? Would living only a few meters from an enormous generator also cause problems for cell reception, wifi, etc?
My understanding is many (all?) turbine towers have an elevator for generator room and turbine access. In the event of a fire, I guess one could set up a hasty rappel? BASE jump? Cool escape pod launcher? How about a slide that spirals it's way down around the tower?
Aerodynamically It is a stupid place for the apartment. The back side of the tower rotating with the wind would work much better. For people that don't throw a hissyfit every time something annoys them repetitive sounds cease to bother them. Even things like being under an airports takeoff route. The big thing is that the wind turbines do not need onsite supervision you can monitor their operations from half way around the world if you wanted to. Once the wind farm gets big enough it is a full time job to do routine maintenance single turbines do not require it. Given the health risks real and imagined it would be better to have the worker live on a boat.
Er. A.K.Mittal
"........ It's a charming idea, but ..... an extremely improbable one. " How is it improbable? Wind farms are on the rise in size and numbers. The size of each turbine unit is increasing, What do you expect or fore see in terms of surveillance and maintenance of equipment? The crews will have to posted on long term basis, on lines similar to offshore drilling rigs in oil industry. And hence the need for suitable living-working quarters! If not at turbine height then at sea level. Which ever is feasible and suitable as per the topography of the site in question!