If this lowly insect is a product of an accidental evolution - how is it that it has such a good design and one worthy of copying? Doesn\'t a design have a designer?
faceless minion
Yep. His name is C. Darwin.
Maybe you don\'t feel a mosquito bite because it is such a tiny proboscis. Compare with the diameter of a regular needle. Is it really worth going to all this effort, anyway? It is often the thought of an injection that makes it feel worse. I seem to remember that there was a device that injected without the use of a needle; just a high pressure jet. On the subject of design, how could a mosquito develop such an efficient instrument? By trial and error? I don\'t think so. How big is it\'s brain? How could it come up with the idea in the first place? Hmm. I need something to pierce the skin so that I can feed on some substance that I think will be nutritious. What shall I feed on in the meantime? Why will I need to feed on blood, if I already eat something that obviously sustains me? Just think that through for a moment.
Gene Jordan
@faceless minion: C. Darwin was a theorist. He didn\'t \"design\" anything. He only made a few observations.
My problem is I remember reading the same announcement, nearly word for word, about 1998. I\'m still waiting for the ouch less needles.
The key here is the sharpness of the needle.When I get blood drawn,I rarely feel anything more than a mosquito bite..
Oh no, not the old \"Evolution is wrong\" argument! Most people don\'t realize what 4 BILLION years means and in the case of insects that means billions of generations too. Natural Selection can do a LOT in a billion generations! It only takes 6 rolls of the dice to get a Yahtzee (on average).
Leong Hee Chan
Hi guys, I love this painless needle and thanks to our mosquitoes.... great research to read!
Stuart Halliday
What happened to those instruments that inject drugs painlessly via compression?
I just love the way people reason. In the face of real thought provoking questions - instead of any solid proof for evolution - suddenly a few more billion years are added. In the old days it was millions of years. A mosquito only had a few hours to developed a very handy drilling rig because he had no mouth to start with. What kept him alive until his marvelous invention was completed? How much time did he have to get it right? How did he design DNA so he could reproduce? I think his life span is only 4 months. If this insect depended on blood, then what did he do while waiting around a few billion years until a HIGHER life form came about that had blood??