Not that it matters much but from '58 to'95 I owned an Epiphon, '68 Vox 12, '72 Strat, '70 SG,& OTHERS I cannot remember!
With all due respect to Mr. Hanlon, Hendrix did burn more than 2 Fender Strats:
The one mentioned here @ Finsbury Astoria
The hand painted one @ Monterey Pop
A sunburst model @ Miami Pop that was given to and later restored and used by Frank Zappa.
I doubt that the Strat being played by Clapton in the picture at the top of the page is the guitar known as Blackie. The guitar looks brand new. Blackie has a visibly well worn fingerboard and a "cigarette burn" area on the headstock near the 6th string tuner.
The black Hendrix Flying V, custom made by Gibson for Jimi with arrowhead inlays. The guitar is at the Vault, Hard Rock Cafe London,;-)
#1 on your list, including ANY other guitars for charity auctions, should not be included, as the goal there is not about true valuation of the guitar, but as a tax write-off because the proceeds go to charity. It's a false and fabricated selling price having little to do with the guitar itself. I've been to plenty of such black-tie gala auctions in ballrooms and snobby venues all throughout Bel-Air and Beverly Hills. I hate the events.
You see ludicrous, astronomical fetching prices because some D-Bag that has never even held a guitar in his life bids the thing up to $2.7 Million so he can look like a hero, get a few photo-ops, all with the goal to take it out of his penance paid to the IRS each year.
He'll do it the next year with a Salvador Dali print signed by the master that's actually not worth much more than $2,500 at most - a litho that's 1-of-200. In some cases, the guitars are not even worth more than a few hundred dollars, often being Fender Squires or MIM/MIJ Strats. Yeah, they're signed - big deal.
That proves there's a lot of stupid wealthy peoples in this world, that don't know what to do with their money. Imagine how many hungry peoples who would have been able to eat a decent meal with that kind of money in their hands..... Really stupid!
More on the Hendrix Flying V, according to one source the guitar is insured for 4 million pounds..
Matthew Giles
With respect to the line: "While some may dispute that Eric Clapton is the best guitar player of all-time,..." : One of the chief people who dispute that is Eric Clapton himself. He says that BB King is the best there ever was.
Mark Robinson
With respect to the line: "While some may dispute that Eric Clapton is the best guitar player of all-time,..." Clapton seems to be humble that way; I read where he said he hates his own voice, but IMO, he can more than carry a tune, and that nasal quality is perfect for the blues and again, IMO, second only to Gregg Allman in his prime. I also read where Clapton hates to listen to his live "Crossroads"; he said he never understood why it became popular. He's right; it is a very rough cut, plenty of mistakes, so I can see why a master would think that.
I also recall reading years ago about Monterey. I don't remember which artist was backstage arguing with Pete Townsend about which would go on first. Hendrix, laid back as usual, didn't get involved in the dispute. Instead, he is reported to have said something along the lines that he didn't care when he went on, but when he did, he would do something like this. He plugged in his Strat, got up on a chair, and started wailing away. When he stopped, the argument resumed, only now they were arguing about who would have the displeasure of trying to follow Hendrix.
They were all great. Me, I just can't help wondering what Hendrix and SRV would be doing today if only...
MISSING FROM THE LIST: A 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom Left Handed guitar (one of only 283 produced) was sold at auction on 3/31/2007 at Eldred's Auction House in East Dennis on Cape Cod; at $220,000.00. You can Google their website and search their archive of back auctions to verify and see several photos in the event this link to it does not work: http://www.eldreds.com/sales/detail.php?itemID=106203