Having had one of the last of the great era of 70s sports mopeds that were sold in the UK (ie those that were both fast and had pedals) I like the ultra-light design that looks like you can actually pedal it (ever tried pedalling a FS1E or an AP50?!) though at 60kg I'm not sure I'm fit enough these days - I seem to recall that a laden touring bike can weigh in at around 40kg and that would be a bit of an ask even with touring tyres on an uncluttered frame. Still, all 3 are great designs
Bruce Crosby
Check the prices — they're less engine....
Misti Pickles
Everybody who sees one of these wants one . . . Until they see what these will cost them! Those prices are for KITS that the user has to buy components for to get running. Assembled and driving with a large engine, the buyer will have to wade through a maze of DMV regs to register.
Good idea--bad prices . . . Some chinese company will clone this for a FRACTION OF THE PRICE, EVEN THOUGH THIS IS NOW AN ENTIRELY CHINESE MACHINE!
Buy a Mad Ass Sachs . . . Half the price, most of the cool, and no DMV worries.
I had a 'pass me down' Suzuki TS50 (a cross between a mountain bike and a chainsaw) which I'm sure I pushed more often than rode.
That said, without any deliberate modifications, sometimes it would do about 43mph rather than the 30mph it was supposed to be limited to.
A set of pedals would have been very welcome at times...
Dave Yost
Coolest thing on wheels. But, how disappointing. Or, perhaps a bit careless in the writeup. The prices given are for unassembled MoPeds WITHOUT the engine!
Fully configured and ready to ride? Add another thousand bucks.
Steven Livingston
I'm sure a lot of guys (like me) will look at this & say, "I could totally build one of these myself". Craigslist & Harbor Freight, here I come...
Can't put one on a bus rack. Can't put one on Amtrak. Can't go over 20mph without insurance and registration. Can't install engine over 49cc in most places without ins/reg . Impounds of gas bikes are the deathnell
Honda and Yamaha are making inroads on 300cc bikes that are affordable if not finance able. You won't be stuck in the bicycle lane (if there is one) and you won't have to rebuild a two-stroke engine every few hundred miles.
Don't forget electric. The Interbike trade show had a sharp increase in the number of e-bikes this year. They play well with others and perform well in a head-wind while riding up a slope.
Dave Rooster
as a 57 yo 110kg loop de loo sports bike rider whoo hoooo I want one with a bigger engine like a 250 and black darhling with a touch of gold. Style is all - beer rack n crossbow just add to the charm
$3,500 with shipping seems well priced. I've noticed a few of the small gas kit bikes running around and find them interesting but loud. I could never understand why anyone would choose to rides them. Go Yamaha or Honda or if you are staying small build an e-bike. This could be interesting as an e-bike but not sure about hauling all that weight around!
Gregg Eshelman
I always though the old mopeds were pretty silly with their 100+ MPG but factory equipped with a one quart or smaller tank.
Put a 2 gallon tank on a 100+ MPG bike and then you have something.