And motorcycling is 38 times more lethal than being in a car.Just build more bicycle paths that open only to bicycles.
Paul van Dinther
Where do you get that number from and in what context? On NZ roads riding a pushbike is playing with death because there are so few pushbikes on the road that drivers don\'t expect them.
In many Chinese cities they are the main vehicle on the road and a s such cars adapt to the pushbikes and not vice versa. The same can be seen in countries with high bike densities such as The Netherlands.
It be interesting to compare accident statistics when taking into account the proportion the vehicle makes up of total traffic.
Just saying 38 times more lethal is a bit short sighted.
Jonathon Marks
really we needed a study to tell us this?
this is great news for all the bikers of Europe who are fighting the EUs new regulations which are just the first wave of rules and restrictions which will eventually force bikers off the road - it just shows that the blind bureaucrats do no real research in their \"planning\" to make our lives better...more rules, more power to the bureaucrats...better for them...check out the current proceedings of the IMCO committee run by the Conservative Malcolm Harbour...get rid of the polluting unsafe bikers is their theme...
Paul Ewing
i dont think there data is reliable a car uses around GBP30-40 per week on fuel i used to use only maybe GBP4 so how can emissions only be reduced by 6% a bike uses ten times less fuel than cars it should be 90% reduction in emissions surely
Rocky Stefano
You must be kidding? Based on what? I drove a MC until I was 23 and it was basically living a death wish daily here in Toronto. No one in car appreciates the fact that someone on a bike DIES when a car hits them. There isn\'t a motorist alive here (that I\'ve seen) that gives MC riders half a chance on the road or even a common courtesy.
Nimrod Sapir
I am wth you: Paul van Dinther!!!
Timothy Neill
The results of this study will be a great plus for the prosthetics and wheelchair industry, not to mention lowering traffic by eliminating that portion of the populace stupid enough to start driving motorcycles.
Bob Ehresman
I am watching for someone to build an affordable, fully enclosed tadpole trike using a scooter style medium displacement CVT power plant. Something with a bike sized footprint on the road or parked but with an aerodynamic fairing that keeps out the elements and offers extra protection in a crash. I like the economy and freedom of a bike, but I sincerely hope my first encounter with road rash will be my last. Also two wheelers seriously lack something in terms of all weather stability on the road.
Unfortunately, it appears that most of the benefits come from the fact that in Europe, \"lane splitting\" is legal, while in most North American jurisdictions, it is illegal. Lane splitting is the practice of pulling around cars stopped for a traffic light and congregating at the front of the queue ready for the light to change. It also refers to the practice of driving up the middle between two lanes of stalled cars. These practices are widely used in Europe but outlawed in North America. They are incredibly effective, since motorcycles and scooters have greater exceleration and significantly better mobility than automobiles.