What's with the different 'belly tank' in picture 11?
Kenneth Chang
I guess the new aesthetic standard is "uncomfortness".
I think I'll stick to my BSA DBD34 Gold Star Clubman...
Loz, someday the world will truly appreciate the genius of lines like:

"It's like a Confederate jumped in a teleportation machine without realizing there was already a Dyson vacuum in there."

Love reading your work.
I don't actually see any rear brakes... What looks like brake disks in the back are just guards for the drive belt. Maybe it has only regnerative breaking for the rear wheel?
Eric Blenheim
Very nasty injuries in the event of a rear shunt or other accident from that very poorly-designed sharp-edged structure at the back end of the seat.
@Eric Blenheim also when you punch the accelerator/clutch and those kidney-intersecting wing structures are what your body catches as the bike tries to zip out from under you because of the massive starting torque.
Standing tall, with no support or background, just like all good CGI renders. They forgot to tension the belt - I guess there's no photoshop plugin to help them with that?
Martin Hone
That second ducted cooling fan faces into the air flinging off the rear tyre. A simple mudguard would be a good idea, but I don't see this bike getting any traction....
That's a bitching looking bike. Please don't edit out the word 'b....' as it's benign when used in this fashion!