David V
What a great idea. I wish I could have seen that. Full fairings and bags although I see they've raised them pretty high to avoid touching. I take my helmet off to these guys. I've been riding Harleys for 20 years and I can't say handling is the strongest point of the baggers. Or my Fatbob. Or my old Breakout. Some serious riders out there. Great entertainment.
David Dowty
What no BMW K1600s?
1:19 - backing-in that giant orange thing!
Randy Shuford
Where were the Goldwings?
Mike Benes
The riders were averaging 125 MPH, not sure why you are comparing it to a Snail race.
David V
@Randy. In the parking lot...
This was a "race" among the pointedly non-performant bagger.

My 2001 kawasaki Concours would eat any of those bikes on the track or the road. And it was an 80's design.

The newer Concours has 180hp and is lighter then any of these.
Miss Bea Have
Mike Denes don't you think its to illustrate the silliness but good fun of both events?
Miss Bea Have
I think the comparison with the bike race and the snail races, is just an indication of what childish, silliness both events are, but what a lot of fun!!!!
Gregg Eshelman
The closest thing to an old school NASCAR race we've seen in decades, but with bikes. It's about time someone decided to put real street bikes on the track instead of all those crotch rockets.

Make this a regular thing so the manufacturers can use it to develop better, more reliable street bikes. A Strictly Stock bike racing series, and unlike NASCAR, really mean it forever. Every piece on the race bikes should be available on one sold on the showroom floor. The bikes should be required to be street legal, only removing bits that stick out like lights and license plates for racing. Come up with a rectangular test box that must fit inside the saddlebags, like the FIA suitcase that they used to have to fit into car trunks in some classes.

Don't allow it to devolve into what NASCAR has become. Keep it a professional series where anyone can buy a stock bike, put in a few performance goodies from the dealer parts counter, pop on a pair of racing tires and go racing.