I thought a 75 hp bike was sufficient, one of these would splatter the average rider.
I read most of this article and came to this conclusion. If Mr. Blain does not like the high horses in a bike, . . I strongly suggest he not purchase one.
I remember riding my son's 100hp sport bike a few years ago. It felt like a rocket that just kept accelerating. I can't even imagine the skill and daring it would take to ride one of these. I would love to have one but I'm too old to die now.
Mind-boggling. Some are even lovely.
Martin Hone
I guess if s clown walked into z bike chop and slapped down money on any of these motorcycles and "whacked" open the throttle, then he gets what he deserves.....
How would the Bimota Tesi H2 be '(electric,'?
... and if it were, how would it be 'supercharged)'?
Brian M
Perhaps a better title might be
"The world's most powerful production motorcycles to kill yourself on"

As beautiful and as thrilling experience it must be to ride (and own) one, have known to many people who have been killed and seriously injured by their misuse. But if I had the money (and skill) .......!
100% approve of the introduction to this story.
My K1600GTL only has 165hp but it makes monster torque and brings the horizon closer very fast
We build bikes that are faster and better because of a sacred pioneer spirit that drives the mind to do better than that was done in the past. Any vehicle can be driven or flown or sped on the water with disregard for safety. It is risky to travel to Mars in an aluminum can but men and women building on the ideas of others will one-day step foot there. These machines are not blasphemous as portrayed early in the article but part of the evolution of mechanical excellence.
I’m with @nick101: I’m happy enough with my new SYM Wolf 150 Classic!

Maybe one day I’ll go crazy and move up to a 350, but then I’d have no excuse (other than fear of becoming a Rohrschach test) for staying off the freeways.