Just imagine a tesla with this system. Perhaps the new 2020 roadster will feature it and thats what musk meant by 'rocket thrusters'
Garbage Truck would be a perfect test bed! Its mostly stop and go until it's full and have to haul to dumping site.
I've been waiting for Tesla to implement this. I thought that's why they bought ultracapacitor maker Maxwell Technologies.
Gees, if this doesn't get the manufacturers attention, I don't know what will. Tesla recently bought Maxwell, supercapacitor company that also has battery technology. Many thought it was for the battery tech, but maybe for both ??
for a moment there I thought Nawa was making realistic claims.
But then, I read "Nawa bike adds a relatively tiny 0.1-kWh ultracapacitor ". It can have 80-90% recuperation efficiency, but there is no way, decelerating generates just 100W, and that can increase range of 30+%. I call it BS, the numbers just don't add up.
Bob Stuart
Bicycle couriers are notably quick, yet they make little use of the brakes. This must be for riders who can't anticipate traffic lights because they only love acceleration.
usugo: you missed the "h".

0.1kWh = 360kJ (360000 J = Ws : Watt Seconds) of Energy.

NB. that is the same as 36kW for 10 seconds, or lets go crazy, 360kW in 1 second (that is some pretty hard braking... for such a light vehicle, lets say the average hard stop lasts 3 seconds, so we can split the Energy over that time and come up with something like, 130kW of braking energy... (220kg at 100km/hr ~= 84.8kJ ~= 23.5Wh or 0.023kWh. The energy storage should be sufficient.... (I may have some errors in my quick figuring, but the essence is that it should work... (to a factor of 5)
That bike looks the proper business
I think this is a fantastic concept that should have been put in place in hybrids a decade ago! This is the perfect kind of application for supercaps! I would love it if someone would come up with a retrofit supercap regen-braking system for existing vehicles that was in a form factor that would slip in place of existing disc brakes! It would be simply for use at (annoyingly frustrating) stoplights that pepper US communities. Controls could be supplemental to or integrated into existing accelerator & brake pedals. I believe this kind of system would save so much in fuel and brake wear as to pay for itself pretty quickly...
alan c
I make it 0.0236Kwh kinetic energy of a 220kg object moving at 100Kph, using an online calculator. So in theory the supercapacitor could store all the energy from bike and rider moving at 200Kph.