Dylan Patterson
generally im impressed with the inventions I see here...but this one already exists as part of another device that does much more...CES 2010: Celluon Virtual Keyboard....it has a entire keyboard with mouse feature....
Anumakonda Jagadeesh
Good Invention.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
David Anderson
This is very interesting...I like the idea a lot. In fact, I think I want one!
The Cellatron keyboard is neat too, but expensive and I prefer a real, tactile keyboard. A mouse can be a nuisance however...virtualizing it makes a lot of sense.
Looks like these guys are into the cool stuff. I think quite frankly that after SixthSense, they have been continuously adapting and modifying their virtual projection and touch systems to suit various situations. So skinput and invisible mouse. Next?? 1. virtual keypads for entry into secured areas.you hit a specific button that launches the keypad. 2.still on secure access areas, since the sixthsense is able to recognize specific gestures, you might wave your hand in a certain way to gain access. 3.build the device into mobile phones,PDAs and so on. My question.....how long before they come to the market???? Personally, i want the skinput paired with a tiny bluetooth earpiece.
This technique a by-product of pranav mistry\'s ingenious TED,which will be a product ruling our future
I suppose medicine will be the best choice of career then because there will be no shortage of cancer patiences and will only multiply combine with all sort of new discover illness on the rise due to over long period of exposure to Infra-Laser waves.
I don\'t understand the need to have a mouse location away to the side. If this was as convenient as a trackpad, not having to move your hands away from the keyboard, it would be a very cool upgrade.
Facebook User
Interesting, but how much of the computer\'s resources does this gadget require, especially if there is no hand activity by the user? A mouse or trackball is interrupt-driven, and consumes zero resources when it isn\'t being moved. Many of these \"improvements\" only serve to burden modern computers, so a 3 GHz multiprocessor desktop machine ends up working about as fast as a 1970\'s-era minicomputer or an early 1980\'s IBM PC.
My pointing devices of choice since 1987 have been Itac Systems mouse-trak industrial trackballs. Not cheap, but they eliminate many of the problems of mice.
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In terms of creativity, this is an excellent concept. In terms of practicality, this is useless - at least, to high-end users. It is much more resource inefficient, and I highly doubt it can compete with the extreme accuracy a high-grade laser mouse provides - not to mention the 5-7 on-mouse keys which come in quite handy for utilization. Also, ergonomics are actually better with a proper mouse than your hand just lying on the table. That last bit has no proof behind it, just my own opinion.
Now I want this for painting and CG modelling!