25kg is still bloody heavy when you are trying to lug around a rolling suitcase.
If they can get the total weight down to 15kg (or better 10kg) then this thing will have a much better chance of succeeding. That is a very big "if however...
The other improvement needed is that the handle needs to be more extendable like those of the best carry on luggage cases.
Having the grubby bits enclosed is a major win.
The Skud
Will compete with the other hundred or two of small electric commuter vehicles around? In the main, though, at least it looks better than a bicycle with hidden batteries. The range and charge time looks fair, after all this is not a 'freeway' machine.
Germano Pecoraro Designer
Photos or video of it being folded would be nice.
I think it has a very futuristic and clean design. The price seems very reasonable. I think it would be a great 'around town' transport. Perhaps even be used to get around camp sites or small villages.
Wesley Baker
Heres the vid link Slowburn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnA3YSYS3aQ
re; Wesley Jordan Anthony Baker
I think he didn't do that in the right order.
Christian Howe
Although creative, it looks like a 70's concept. It matches the car in the background in that video. Can you really imagine riding around on that thing... kinda dorky.
not interested myself, but it looks like a good concept.
Michael Duffey
Watching the video and seeing the specs, it looks like it is doomed before it gets out the door. The gentleman putting the scooter together was obviously struggling to get it assembled; I assume he has done this before. Also, with a range of about 20 miles, I think most folks will not consider this a viable vehicle. The looks and fold down ability are really not strong enough to cover the weak travel distance, the high price tag and the clumsy assembly. For less than half that price, you can get an electric bicycle that can cover twice the distance AND you have a vehicle that you could pedal as well.