So many backyard mechanics trying to market their idea, this one looks like the real deal. If the price is reasonable can see this selling extremely well. Nice job Yvon and good luck with marketing. Throw a big gas gen set in the sleigh and you have unlimited range!
Racqia Dvorak
Looks like a pretty solid prototype.
This guy should look at whacking a few "paddles" on the treads to make it amphibious like DARPA's "CAAT" here -
You could *water-ski* behind it........ :)
I **so** want one of those CAATs..... "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"
The Skud
More useul overall than a snowmobile, Parks & Wildlife should buy hundreds for low-impact trail maintenance, search and rescue missions, there are endless possibilities! Bolt an inflatable buoyancy aid - like those rubber boats - on either side of the single track with a platform link and you have got a lakes and rivers machine as well!
Mark Loucks
Ingenious! Great job my friend...fellow inventor.
This concept has potential. Like a snowmobile and an ATV rolled up into one, but without the noisiness of an internal combustion engine!
Fairly Reasoner
Can you say 'inherently unsafe'?
Best invest in some body armor.
And be thinking about a service animal later.
Charles Gage
This does not look all that much different than the old Diablo Rouge snow mobile I had as a kid. That thing hauled, well, you what, and I had a lot of fun with it.
I wonder if anyone has checked the patent office on this!
Kevin Pezzi
This is a modern version of the Bolens Diablo Rouge and Hus-Ski, but with some notable improvements.
Bruce H. Anderson
I like it. A lot. The twin-track looks especially useful for carrying rather than just towing. Maneuverability would be improved over the single track (near zero radius?), but would require some more complicated controls which I am sure he is already working on.