Neat idea but the demo kinda hurt my ears.
Head music, man!
Dave Holland
but.... WHY? And, if the demo is I would amp this up to WhyTF?
Sounds like Dr.Who's Dalek's theme, with alcohol!
Okay, let's give it a spin! (lol) The demo was a bit limited. Is the player more of a mechanic? Some different chords might add some interest. More demos please.
Edward Vix
Boring. Why bother with this, just synthesize the whole thing and be done with it.
It's different, but it's not an improvement. Hendrix would never have gone near it.
Ray Freeman
If he's only going to play power chords, why not just tune it to a chord to start with?
Novel but will never replace the human guitar player........No emotion
Don't know what it is but if - and when - you can't play individual strings you ain't playing a guitar.

Intriguing instrument nonetheless. If I had the money and enough storage room I'd love to support all these crazy MFs :)