Kieran Isherwood
looks like someone has been playing to much minecraft
Ingenious, sure. Inflammatory, you bet. Maybe someone should design something to remind the Dutch of the Nazi occupation and see how they like it.
I like the vision of trees in skyscraper buildings, but I wonder how they'll be planted, anchored and how they can survive the harsh wind conditions. You'll probably have to have some square meters of soil under each tree, removing much housing space.
PS: I wasn't reminded of the twin-towers. But I guess there would be enough politically-overcorrect to raise their voices.
@ Kieran Isherwood will it protect you from zombies tho ? that\'s got to be the biggest issue.
Andrew Rockefeller
That balcony/reflecting pool/railing detiail is nice. A passive barrier before a physical barrier could alleviate a lot of tention. Like.
Unfortunately I think there are some engineering hurdles for the \"cloud\" section. To my understanding, the sheer surfaces of tall structures are necessary to defelect the path of prevailing winds. I can only imagine the additonal loads in high wind situation with all those surfaces creating pockets to trap air.
People need to get past the \"everything is reminiscent and can be tied to 9/11\" mentality. It is a building of good design pure and simple.
Also, to Kieran, try taking a trip to other countries or at the very least do some research. They don\'t need to build something new to remind them of the Nazi occupation as there are still remnants of the concentration camps in various locations in Europe.
I\'m not sure how many of the the comment posters are Architects (I am.) Most responsible designers are sensitive to as wide a range of reactions to their work as possible - in fact, that is basic to the approach to design. After all, if not for others, why do we do what we do? It\'s extremely arrogant to create monuments to oneself. Thus, in light of what the imagery evokes, it would seem that a re-thinking of the design might be appropriate (although it\'s difficult to imagine that this wouldn\'t have come up in MDRDV\'s internal design reviews.) It\'s not political correctness or a matter or over-sensitivity - it\'s just good Architectural Design practice.
It is a very fine design but, it does resemble the twin towers a bit too much. I can only imagine how those who witnessed this tragedy first hand will feel when they see it. Maybe after a few more decades have past by it will be more acceptable to the eye.
I DETEST heights!
Manuel Borbely
people that support comments like \'it resembles 911\' are hypocrites. it\'s just design, art - if it bothers someone, that someone is the problem. this \"politically correctness\" hypocrisy is idiocy. in today\'s world everything is either racist or discriminatory, but it\'s not - there just too many pussys. Before many people say anything now, they consult themselfs with questions like \"is this offesnive in anyways?\" which is a real problem. And also not addressing an issue, even if it really was for example 911, is not an answer for any of these PTSD SOBs. Back on subject, the design of the cloud is very interesting and purposeful. Looks good too.