William Jolley
The boy scouts have been making and using these things for decades, this is just a rip off of someone else's idea.
Peter Kowalchuk-Reid
The one my scout group used only cost about 12$ worth of plywood too.
Joe F
Agree that you could easily build one (and much cheaper), but that doesn't make this a copy. From the website, it sounds like this was just the owner's personal design that he used for years and eventually manufactured for sale. A lotta people have more money than time/woodworking skills.
Mark A
Yes - 1960 Boyscouts used these regularly. Everything old is new again.
I do like the inovation of the fold out wings to make a bigger surface. We didn't have that on our patrol boxes. Nifty.
It looks like baltic birch. Superior materials.
Oops, the fold out wings are in addition to the base price. Ouch!
They are fun to design and build if you have the woodworking abilities. I would have to have a yuppie salary before I would buy one.
The idea goes back to at least the late 1800's when cattle drives had a chuck wagon with a box in the back like this. The idea probably goes back much further in history since military campaigns required lugging all their gear around. It doesn't really matter how old the idea is, it's a good idea. Joe F is right on the money that not everyone is able to make their own version. I could make all my own furniture, but I buy almost all of it. It's just more convenient to buy something ready made. I need something like this to put in my van for camping trips, I'll probably make my own tho, because my needs are a bit different.
Paul Anthony
I'd like to see an IKEA version of this
It's so nice, when you are having a camping you can easily carry your kitchen box because it is a hand carry box.
Katy Walradt
This product is something the boyscouts used and use. My father made a great one for the troop he was involved with. You should give your profits of these to the boyscouts. It is not a new innovation.
While it is not new does not mean it is not innovative.
http://www.smartcarofamerica.com has a section on recreation. It has been mentioned that it can fit into the back of a Smart car.
I think it is great since I could use something like that but don't have the room in my apartment to build one but enough room to store it.