I wonder if the same idea would work for my Lio motorcycle battery???? I guess I'll have to write them and ask.
Paul Anthony
I can buy 2 spare batteries for the price of that sticker .
I got to say - It sound to me like those BS antenna stickers from few years ago, It won't surprise me if it turn out to be a fraud..
I would be surprised if a graphene skin can really act as a heatsink to help draw heat away from the phone case and dissipate it to the air. And even if it could, what about the adhesive that sticks it to the case material? What sort of thermally conductive properties does it have? We might get better results by applying a layer of snake oil to the device /s
Michael Logue
So, they are saying that adding at least three layers of different materials (adhesive, graphene, and a substrate that both are applied to) is going to make heat disperse faster than heat dissipating straight from the phone's case.... Riiiiiiiight...........
Glad to see proper journalism w/ getting the opinion of the UC Davis Chemestry Teacher. right on!
I agree with the comment about adding layers of anything to anything making it conduct more heat. It just ain't so. I'm no engineer but, oh wait, yes I am. And, up to a point, warmer means MORE output, not less for LiPo and LiFePO4 batteries. It seems about 120F is the sweet spot for LiFePO4, but I would actually have to do some tests on the LiPo's to be sure about them.
A way this could possibly improve overall heat transfer out of the phone is if heat concentrated in a small area of the phone back is instead spread efficiently over a wider area by the membrane. In that case, the overall thermal conductivity out of the phone would rise. But I think phone batteries usually occupy most of the area already, so for most phones I doubt the effective area can be increased much. Better wait for independent testing...
ASIDE from the fact that this is likely BS, and there's no way this will improve battery life nearly as much as they're claiming (if at all): Has Graphene become easy enough to make to even support this pricing? What are they calling Graphene? I doubt it's really Graphene, and more "Graphene" lol. Embedding carbon in plastic does not qualify it as Graphene.
I hadn't thought of the effect of heat dissipation on cell-phone battery life. Does that mean that my leather case and even keeping it in my pocket is shortening my battery life?