Adam Dixon
Sounds great, perhaps an unmanned Venus action first though!
I'm pretty sure that the sky on Venus is not blue.
This type of mission would not benefit much from a human presence. Why subject humans to the risks of such a flight when a robot powered craft would be much more efficient, not risk humans and would be expendable after the mission was completed. If humans are on board, they probably would want to come home. That would make the mission much more complicated and expensive.
Give it a go with a robot probe. What's to gain by using humans?
Derek Howe
Seems pretty cool, But I'd rather focus more of our effort (and dollars) on our moon & Mars.
Venus will offer so much more than Mars. We can practice cleaning it up for humans as one day we will our own earth!
William H Lanteigne
Venus is both a planet and the Roman goddess of love and sex. Adjectival forms therefore have two separate uses: for the planet, and in medicine to describe things like sexually transmitted diseases.
"Venusian" is by far the most common adjective in use for the planet among professional astronomers. Some classically minded writers dislike "Venusian" because it doesn't resemble Latin forms such as "Veneri." "Venerian" was used by some 20th-century science fiction writers such as Robert Heinlein and Jown W. Campbell, Jr. It also appears to have been used sometimes as an adjectival form of Venice (George Finlay, History of Greece Under Othoman & Venerian Domination). "Cytherean" is sometimes used, referring to the island Cythera, near which the goddess was supposed to be have been born. A search of astronomy papers on, however, shows that "Venusian" is nearly universal.
In medicine, the most common term is "venereal," which is closer to being a legitimate Latin form than "venusian." There are also "veneric" and "venerean."
it makes sense to go to venus as it is pretty damn close. All that scary acid can't be much worse than the hard vacuum of space.
Mars and the moon offer resources. What do they want to do in Venus's upper atmosphere other than spend money?
Stephen N Russell
Need a mega Zepplien to be base ship for Venus Mission, then to decend in a shuttle module to said Mother Zepplen from Orbiter support craft would be Ideal. Base Zep can remain after mission or decend & be destroyed by atmos alone. Love the idea & Id be awesome. Mothership would be housed in mega HLLV or made in Orbit for Venus shot alone.
Gary Richardson
A donut shaped blimp with landing and launching from it's center seems like a better design for reusability than having a carriage underneath.