This is very interesting. But what is more interesting to me is why people spend billions of dollars on something that they can't really fix. Nature and this world are much to large for humans to be able to manage. We can't fix global warming/cooling. The world will do what it will...and we are along for the ride, we need to stop being chicken little and enjoy life. If the sky is falling get an umbrella or a jacket and just deal with it. Cheers.
Pierre Collet
@firefly: this is fine if you have the dough to buy an umbrella or a jacket. For people who cannot afford to move / buy themselves the means of surviving these climate changes, they will have to deal with it the hard way. The question is not whether we can fix Nature or not, but whether we can help with it on a global scale. Even if a raise in CO2 is being caused by El NiƱo or whatever that may or may not be anthropogenic, if on our side, we can slightly reduce our production of CO2 by reducing our consumption of fossil fuel, well, we will make the world a better place for all. But clearly, those who can afford making an effort towards improving conditions for all are not the poor, who struggle to survive due to droughts and ensuing famine and paltry but the rich... who, it is interesting to note, are not exempt from ill effects from global warming: go and tell californians to buy an umbrella and a jacket to just deal with the drought related fires that are burning their houses and lives... "Thanks to" globalization (this is ironic) the world has become a small place where everyone is holding each other by the short hairs...
This study contained a key reminder about Global Warming: heat stressed plants have a lower photosynthesis "metabolism" and bind less carbon. Sounds like another dreaded feedback mechanism. And for those who think higher temps are not so bad consider that food crop production can't just move north as higher latitude soils are notoriously poor.
So ? Hot water release CO2 in the atmosphere !!! What a surprise ! Will the IPCC incorporate this fantastic news in its next report ? Do you if know if Al Gore do agree ?? Satellites makers thank the "Global Community" $$$$
The alternative identified here isn't that a new source of carbon has been found but that a new reason that carbon is not converted back to oxygen has been found. This tells me carbon emissions need to be reduced.
Global warming is the least of my worries. Global politics, war, disease, and famine will quickly thin out the human race long before rising sea levels.
0 bill : "Carbon converted back to oxygen ???? Show me this trick !
Robert in Vancouver
Honest studies show that human activity has very little impact on climate change.
If our leaders were honest about this issue we would be spending our time and money on preparing for climate change instead of using it as a reason to raise taxes and control people.
Flyerfly-- proving inadvertently that what he says can't be done HAS been done. AGW is a fact despite all the deniers. That we have pumped billions/trillions of tons of [let's say] POLLUTION into the atmosphere over 200 years of industrial revolution is not in dispute... nor is the fact that it MUST have an effect above & beyond any natural one. Can it be curbed? That's another story...
Douglas Bennett Rogers
What stands out in the picture is the light color of the deserts. This may swamp out the other variables.