The Skud
With any luck, if they have licked any corrosion and seal problems (hypothetical) they should be on a winner! Even the predecessor, the 4Play, looks as if it would sell, it showed hull stability in waves as well.
They could probably find buyers for a few of these as camera boats probably.
Mel Tisdale
If it were possible to retract the suspension units (i.e. bring them inboard sideways, thus facilitating easy boarding and alighting) I think I prefer the 4Play prototype version.
The US Navy Seals exit the navy 1" shorter than when they sign up because of the pounding of the small boats they use. they are currently designing boats to eliminate this. The 4Play seems to be a better design than the ones they are working on.
I think that is really cool. I think it would be great for those who have a tendancy to get a little sea sick on boats.
I think it would be great - as indicated in a previous reply - for the US Navy and the US Marines.
I think it has some commercial and personal applications too.
A big mono hull RIB would do the job much better, plus a lot safer. The center of gravity is way up there on this springer, not a good way to go on the water. Interesting design, good work!
Jim Sadler
I could kick myself in the head for not developing this idea first. It is so obvious and simple that it is elegant. The potential for such a shock absorbing system on boats is enormous. How in the world did everyone else not come up with this?
so bad ass!
Seems to me the Aussie navy has first shot on this proprietary design... its too small for US Navy anyway..nowhere to but the drones.
Yes, I'll take one please. I wonder if a little more interior space can be designed into these?