Very Nice. Im begining to want a hybrid.....
Nice looks, great feel, but GM management is as incompetent as ten or fifteen years ago. They completely fail to understand what they could get going with chassis and drive train of this car. Where is the branching out? Where are more models, more variety, a two door, a station wagon, a lifted station wagon with Subaru-Outback wannabe looks. Race the thing! Make a hillclimber and run Pikes Peak! All stuff that can be done economically, look at what VW and Tesla are doing with platforms!
Management plainly *fails* to understand that there are a heck of a lot of people out there who would totally buy this thing if it didn't just come in this boring "one size fits all" sedan shape. Stop reworking design details and start doing your homework! Or somebody please *fire* these people running that company, before they screw up this last chance they are having right now.
Make GM into a state of the art technology company once again, or die. These are the good times, next crunch times nobody will bail you out again.
Paul Anthony
I wanted one before, now I want one even more.
Bob Flint
If it had AWD then it would be a winner, still only front wheel drive, and front heavy.
P.S. Hope the hood is stronger than the one I dented while closing at the 2012 Montreal auto show.
Mark Brooks
The Volt can go further on the energy used to steam the oil out of the sand in Alberta than it can on the oil. So who needs oil?
The added range is very attractive and just right. For most commuters it'll mean that they can make it to and from work driving purely electric, even in winter conditions. Batteries being both very expensive and heavy, it makes sense to only carry the amount of batteries required for routine driving. The compromise with the fifth seat is a good one, too.
Kyle McHattie
Maybe I missed something but I thought the gas engine in the volt was strictly to keep the batteries charged and that the mileage was closer to 400 e-mpg? When did this all change?
Abby Normal
I hope they didn't harshen the ride in the interest of "sportiness."
Is it me, or are people getting too excited about cars that are complex, expensive and, more to the point, do not deliver the mileage that they promise. 41 MPG?- in anybody's world, THAT is pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE an electric car, but I need one that has a range of at least 300 miles- pure electric, range extender- it matters not a jot. Until someone comes up with an electric car that does not look like an alien spaceship or a donkey cart AND that can match, or better the 64mpg that I regularly get from my bog standard Skoda Diesel Estate with a full load, you can stick the present offerings where the sun never shines.(Tesla, perhaps excluded) Come on you manufacturers, you can do better than that - We await REAL innovation, not just a hybrid stop-gap.
Tesla...300+ miles of pure electric....GM miles behind the times.