We need to go.
What\'s the surface acceleration?
Bigbrother Iswatchingu
How long will it take to get there with our present means of transportation?
Leon Van Rensburg
Well, I\'m no astrophysicist, but using the volume of a sphere method to calculate earth\'s effective density (mass per volume), multiplying mass by 4.5 (as above) and using the reverse density method to get a radius size (thus assuming the same mass / volume due to assumed similar composition of minerals) , I get a radius for GJ667Cc as 3.2927E+12 (± 581 291 569 times earth\'s radius!). Punching that into the formula with the gravitational constant (G = 6.6726 x 10-11N-m2/kg2) with acceleration a = GM/r^2, I get a surface gravity of ± 1.65m/s^2. That\'d make you 5.9 times lighter there than here (due to the large distance there from the planet core). Someone please help us right? :-D
Chi Sup
We come in peace... to rape your planet, enslave you and take away everything that you hold dear, your history included. We leave for the next one once this one\'s ashes. If there\'s life on that planet I hope they prep their nukes to deter the planet raping race that we are.
Marco Pang
*I don\'t want to live on this planet anymore*
so we see these systems with radio telescopes and they have multiple stars. Has anyone considered that from a distance, with a radio telescope, Earth will look like a second smaller star in this system? It\'s just radio noise that they are looking at. Earth makes a lot of radio noise. So what if those secondary stars are actually civilizations? Anyone think about that?
Richie Suraci
This may be the planet that all those Ashtar Command people may want to settle on and be transported to !!!!
Radio emissions from stars tend to be largely static and have no discernable pattern. Emissions from Earth, (from man-made sources) TV & radio broadcasts, GPS signals etc. have a very distinguishable pattern. This pattern is used in ALL radio transmissions, it\'s binary and we\'d know if a star (or planet) was transmitting in binary... Take, for example, the Voyager 1 space probe, the farthest man-made object from Earth (at 119 Astronomical Units). It transmits radio waves encoded in binary to Earth and we have no trouble deciphering its signals; they don\'t look like a star\'s emissions at all. This is because space causes no distortion to radio signals. If a civilization was transmitting in binary, it would look very different from a star\'s emissions and we would definitely be able to detect it.
there\'s something seriously wrong with your calc. cube root of 4.5 is only 1.65, so it has 1.65 times earth radius, and as it turns out therefore 1.65 times the force of gravity at the surface.
Still a little uncomfortable I think.