Parris Boyd
No FT-86 for me. Learned my lesson about Toyota\'s lousy products and equally lousy attitude toward customers when the engine disintegrated in my MR2 Spyder. I published a blog post regarding the Recall King\'s latest venture into sports car land:
Richard Janovsky
The design looks like it came out of the 1980`s.Maybe thats why they call it GT86.
Michael Mantion
\"is expected to sell below GBP30,000 in the UK\".. Typo. no way this thing will sell for less then 30k.
Less that 30K pounds? I can almost get new Corvette for that!
I am amazed at how much it looks like the last Celica Toyota produced.
Wyatt Bonnette
as normal, gizmag is close but not right. The ft-86 is suppose to be released into toyota\'s off brand scion this spring/summer. It fails to mention its a sporty, tuner economy car aimed at a younger generation interested in a cheaper more driver enthusiast market. It has the same look or style as my 2011 scion tc but looks to have more class, and hopefully it does. Can\'t wait
LOL - looks like a Datsun 260Z 2+2 - yeah - from the \'80s
You nailed it Womp, my thoughts exactly, another gutless Celica. What a joke, 197hp boxer 2L and they call it a sports car. Forget it Toyota, you\'ll never catch Honda, never produce anything like an Integra Type R or Civic type R, you\'re only passion is profit at the expense of squeezing the blood out of your suppliers.
I will look forward to watching Jeremy Clarkson\'s review of this car when they get hold of it. It is good to see Toyota getting back to making cars that people actually want and can enjoy! Keep it up.
The back looks too Subaru to me...yuck. The Toyota show car actually looked better than the final version of the car. I wish Toyota had gone for a normal 4 cylinder with a turbo instead of a tweaked Subaru motor that will be harder to work on due to its design.
I am not too crazy about it looks