Akshay Kharvi
Ahhh - gotta love the future! So Jetsons! I\'m guessing there will be no potholes in the roads of the future. These little guys have nearly no ground clearance and would get eaten by a city pothole or likely tip over going up a hill in San Francisco. I\'m really just being a pessimist here - I\'d love to see future world work - once everyone is fed.
Chris Jordan
I am sure glad that we are not a megacity here. Concepted to death!
Jeff Edsell
Neat. But would it kill them to add just a little bit of trunk space?
Where do the groceries go? FAIL!
Simplefy it. gyros would eat up more power, Why not give it three wheels and better susspension? What is the top speed? The prototypes don\'t appear to exceed 20Mph. How long to charge? And when the Spindizzy goes sour, how hard is it to repair? How about a pickup version?
I can do at least that good without millions of research dollars. This is something I designed in Truespace. Even has a trunk. With current electric motorcycle technology, it should have almost a 200 mile range, two people, and protection from bad weather.
Mark A
Great idea. Hey I have an idea, how about a simple reliable car, inexpensive to maintain, seats 2 people with room for some items that gets 70mpg.... asking too much am I?
Um...this looks really stupid...and no...not Jetsons-like, more like Woody Allen's "Sleeper"
@MarkA, hey Mark you may be onto something!!! What an idea, something light on fuel that people can actually afford - brilliant. Cut out most of the modern cr@p, just throw in ABS and two airbags for safety, and leave out all the other modern marketing acronyms. - Max speed actually matching the speed limits. The second seat can even be a temp seat for occasional use.
Seriously, why hasn\'t any major automaker come up with this idea yet?
What I cannot understand is why we still need to take 1-2 tons of metal and plastic to work with us everyday. If you have to have a SUV, leave it in the garage for weekends only.