Rob K
don't forget 1 thing people if you live in Canada the Nexus 4 has fully functional LTE and it's light speed up to 70 megabytes per second in good areas. I would take the Nexus 4 over the S4 any day, simply because it runs stock Android.. this means you're always updated with the newest Android software to the minute, rather then constantly stuck months behind with a non Nexus. TouchWiz in my opinion just degrades the entire Android experience as you will find out if you ever use a Nexus, if you want some of the features of touch wiz you can run add ons or themes with Nexus no problem
Mark Reeder
Another thing not mentioned in this article is price. I'm guessing the S4 is going to run a couple hundred dollars more than the Nexus 4 from Google. When you factor that in, the slight edge that the S4 has essentially evaporates.
Joao Lopes
The Galaxy S4 will sell great but the Nexus 4 is still the best bang for the buck. Question is, IF you have the money to buy a Galaxy S4 why go the Nexus 4 route instead? In my particular case I was considering the Galaxy S4 but after watching Samsung announcement I decided to go for the Nexus 4. Here is the reason why. The Galaxy S4 comes packed with lots of features but it is still a transitional smartphone as were still dealing with two Galaxy S4 versions. The 4G one and the 3G one. Keep in mind I live in Europe where 4G is still in its infancy but it´s catching up fast. When buying the Galaxy S4 you are faced with one decision. Pay $600-700 for one or the other version. If you buy the 4G one you'll probably get a processor that is slower. $600-700 is a considerable investment so you'll probably keep that phone for at least 2 years. It´s better to have the best processor available right now. If you want the best processor you go the 3G version route but it locks your future carrier options. And again if you buy the Galaxy S4 on contract, you´re basically stuck with that phone. Here is a third option. Save the money, buy a completely unlocked Nexus 4. Later this year and surely next year we will have faster mobile phones that will handle both 4G and 3G. You'll have saved $300 to buy the next Nexus device that will surely support both 4G and 3G and will even be faster and powerful than the Galaxy S4. No you won't get the top phone out there but you'll be able to upgrade more often for the price of a single Galaxy S device. And no need to get locked to a carrier. A great advantage if you like to save money by switching carriers from time to time. If I bought the Galaxy S4 I would
Michele Li
I have a S3 and was waiting to upgrade to the S4 so I can get the wireless charging (hate plugging in at night), but found out it's a $100 add-on. Then I found the Monster Watts Stealth Qi wireless charger SET for $40, and it comes with the S3 wireless receiver which fits under the phone's back, plus the charger is S4 compatible. And yesterday they announced that they will accept the S3 receiver for trade-in when the S4 one is available.
Bruce Ward
let's have this little comparison again when keyLimePie is out, and the S4 doesn't have it [and probably won't for months].
and after buying my phone outright, i am still not paying anything per month for it [but i'm obviously prejudiced, i already made the right choice.]
They say the display is over saturated, but CNET as well as Android Authority has reported that display testers and reviewers have found the display to be crisper and more natural, and isn't as over saturated as the GS3 was.
Saba Tokme
i do not like the Nexus, it is not popular...S4 features very far more superior... S4 will constantly sell millions alongside with iphone only and no other android can beat the sell of S4..
@Mark. Price was mentioned in the article. The S4 will be about $200 on contract, the Nexus 4 is $300 off contract.
The off-contract price of the S4 will be about $600. I suspect this factor to weight pretty heavily on individual decisions.
$600 is a lot to drop on a phone but for people already paying monthly for subsidy pricing (most of the US) the S4 is the better deal.
I have followed Joao Filipe Pinto Lopes"s system all my life when it comes to PC. Never go for currently the latest and the best. Go for technology that has been proven. The difference would allow me to upgrade my system in a year's time as the prices fall.
I do the same with the phones. I have to have the NEED and not WANT, to upgrade my phone.
Evan Brom
I have a Nexus 4 and I am excited to see it even being compared to a phone that will cost over 2x as much. Sure LTE may be nice, but I don't often need the added speed and I think any speed issues I get come from the cheap straight talk service with AT&T and not the device itself. The added life / resale that a nexus device should have due to auto updates is nice. However if some one said hey I will do a flat trade my s4 for you n4 I would do it. (and then sell it and buy another n4 and keep the extra cash maybe)