Joel Detrow
I feel it necessary to clarify for less informed readers that it is not an incompatibility of hardware, but rather Verizon's UN-willingness to play nice with Google's devices. You may recall the new Nexus 7 which came out months ago, which Verizon first claimed did not support their network. When it came out that a number of people had been able to simply put their Verizon-issued SIM card into their Nexus 7 and it worked perfectly, Verizon backpedaled and claimed they couldn't allow it because it was still in the certification process. Months later, still no certification, and what a surprise, same old story for the Nexus 5!
This is in clear violation of the open access spectrum rules Verizon agreed to which states that they MUST provide open access to their network for all compatible devices. Their motivation for this nonsense is simply their inability to compete with Google's devices - it's blatantly anti-trust, and the FCC needs to get involved. That they haven't, despite repeated requests, suggests someone in the FCC is getting paid to look the other way. It's frustrating!
Nice phone at a great price… in the US. In France it's €349 ($469) and in the UK it's £299 ($475). Not quite such a bargain. Maybe they're charging extra for the GSM stuff, and it suggests you can't perhaps buy a cheap one in the US and use it in Europe.
I'm holding out for the $299 Moto X through Republic Wireless that can be had with cell service rates running from $5 to $40 per month. I'd call that "far and away the best value in any new smartphone available on the American market this year"! (It's due to be put out Nov '13)
Maybe not as nice a phone, but certainly a good deal!
Alonso Balbuena
May I buy a Nexus 5 unlocked and use it with my network in Perú???
Kerry Smith
I'm a real newby, no smartphone yet. Can I buy the Nexus 5 and use it with Wi-Fi to get to the Internet, or do I need a contract with some carrier?
Eric Mack
Kerry - Yes.
Mzungu - The problem in my mind with that Moto X on Republic is that you still need to pay at least $30 a month for 3G data. The really cheap $5 plan is Wifi only. It would be a shame in my mind to need to be tethered to a WiFi hotspot to use that phone, particularly features like Touchless Control that need a data connection.
Kerry Smith
My only use would be at a hotspot or my network at home. So no contract, right? Just buy the unlocked phone and use it?
Andrew Somerville
UK prices include VAT whilst I'm assuming US quoted prices exclude sales tax which is different state by state. Once you take account of that the price difference is only around £20.
wat is the problem of us version in other countries??? if i buy us version will it work in india???
"Most notable is the lack of touchless control like that available in the Moto X. Motorola had to put together a custom chipset to accomplish the ability of the Moto X to always be listening for a command to wake it up without totally sacrificing battery life."
While I agree that this would be great to have in the N5, the two obvious reasons for why it was left out (for now) are:
a) hit to battery life
b) would completely undercut Motorolla and the Moto X, which Google has a lot riding on