Ross Nicholson
With open wheel wells? That's a laugh. The rules of aerodynamics being violated suggests that this is an unworthy effort.
@Nicholson: Maybe you have to reconsider. Formula-1, Nascar, Indycar, Touring-Cars, they all have open wheel wells for a reason. And they don't perform bad.
Even with the habit of open wheel wells, nobody would do such a project, nor NISSAN would welcome, if it was not very feasible. I was waiting for news like this, since the presentation of that innovative design.
love the "batmobile" look. Let's see on the "24 heures du Mans" race next june !
It would appear from the pictures that brake cooling might present a reliability problem. How has this question been addressed, please?? Ralph L. Seifer, Long Beach, California.
That narrow nose and wide-ass rear end spell trouble on just about any racetrack. Looks like an accident waiting to happen.
Chris Ostlind
teeduke... you make some very rash statements in your post with absolutely no supporting information, or established expertise from which to substantiate your claims. Are you just a designated Internet hit goon, or what?
They called it maneuverable I call it unstable.
stan lind
This car is running backwards. Accepted practice is to have a three wheeler (which this essentially is) with the two wheels in front since when turning the the outside front wheel will be subject to the highest load . Learned this while racing soap box cars. This car is sacrificing turning dynamics for aero dynamics. Question is : which is more important on a car built for this kind of racing ?
This looks very promising to me and I have been following it since it's beginning. Good luck to all involved, can't wait for the race! Thanks.