Joel Trombley
i want this car really really truly
Jai Drew
its like the pink panther car from the cartoon series, looks cool, cant wait to see if any other companies start making weird shaped cars for production that are just as funky. :)
Everything about this car is fantastic, with one exception - the in wheel motors. Presumably Nissan have somehow found a way to deal with the un-sprung weight issue and damage tolerance, because these motors have proven to be nightmares when tested in other cars.
John Kang
More wheels: -Better ride since less unsprung weight on each wheel -Can lower the body by using smaller wheels -Better traction I thought I would be seeing 6+ wheelers more frequently by 2000+, but instead we get less wheel? Even after the invention of in-wheel-hub motors? Why?
Bob Flint
Radical, innovative, daring, & aerodynamic it is a stunning three season car.
But probably not very drivable on a snowy highway with a mere meter front track and more standard rear track.
With that wider rear end, the side mirrors visibility is also questionable, and your behind could easily be forgotten and driving habits would need to be relearned, as the front edge of typical cars is your visual cue, when cutting through corners.
Heather Bowman
Ok in a straight line but the laws of physics say the width belongs up front, better have a all the weight in the rear and turn like a ZTR mower.
Isaac Hanninen
can anyone else say batmobile?
Vince Pack
The delta wing design has grown on me from my initial "wth" question to "hmm, I kind of like the design". The Bladeglider, as presented here, would definitely be a strong contender for a spot in my garage if Nissan could manage to pull it off with a 150 plus mile range, and a price under $40k. Yep, I'm aware that'll never happen (the cost part), but I can dream, can't ?!
My biggest question about this design relates to cornering performance. How can a car shaped more like a dragster not understeer like there's no tomorrow?
Martin Hone
I guess the Morgan Aero 3-wheeler would have been pretty innovative in its day too. I can see the benefits of using this new design to showcase technology, but really, where is the practicality ?
Bruce H. Anderson
Any questions about how well this design would perform were answered at LeMans. However, I sure would like to see a 1.0-liter or less ICE to calm my range anxiety. In that setup it would give the Elio a run for its money, and probably win, but perhaps not on price.