I think that is nice. I think it would help with reducing the pollution that some big cities have.
Perhaps if it had solar panels on the roof, it could help with recharging while it is away from the charging station.
Not a chance in hell it will do 100 mile range on 24 kwhr which IIRC is the Leaf pack size. But even if not it isn't getting 100 mile range.
Likely a sixty mile range or less. Though a nice 12kw generator would give it unlimited range, flexibility but they won't make them as an option for any EV by their lack of action.
I think this would make for a great MTB shuttle vehicle. Perhaps it would appeal to a new breed of eco "weekend-warriors". I like the leaf, but if this thing were priced competitively (35k?) I could see it catching on with anyone interested in pure cargo.
@jerryd: If you want to go adding a generator to an EV you are killing the whole point. Go buy a hybrid instead, and leave the EV's for those that have gotten past the "range-anxiety". I can count the number of 100+ mile non-stop trips I make per year on a single hand. Rent a hybrid for those, and save a BOAT_LOAD of money in the mean time.
So ugly - come on this isn't an ugliest vehicle competition.
Craig Jennings
Now if it could fit an 8x4 sheet in the back we'd be talking.
Esteban Sperber Frankel
To increase mileage the possibility is adding a compresed air as an energy source like Peugeot and Citroen, as electric, air hybrid version, could be interesting.
Gavin Roe
A working vehicle would need a longer range than 100 Miles, better add more batteries
Why is it that Tesla offers a 200+ mile range?
Could it be that Tesla's batteries have higher energy density?
I suggest that Nissan uses higher energy density batteries so they can at least offer more kilowatt-hours as an option?
Paul Smith
They could offer a 200+ mile range, but whose going to pay $85K + for a delivery van?
Max Mocchi
If the van is using the same electric drive train as the Leaf, won't it fail sooner from the extra stress?