Oh the irony of making a car carrier more fuel efficient so it can deliver petrol burning vehicles.
I think we should look past the reduced CO2 emissions, good as they may be, and read between the lines. Nissan wants to reduce fuel usage by 1,400 tons (somewhere in the region of 1 million litres of fuel) to save on fuel costs, not to save the environment. Saving the environment is just a side effect. 1 million litres of diesel must cost between $1-$2 million dollars. The cost of installing solar panels, a fancy engine and led lighting will surely be paid off within a year or two and the rest is just profit. Nice one.
Smile a little. If greener is now also cheaper, it means the world is getting better every day.
Derek Howe
Scion - If you knew how to read then you would know that this ship carriers Leafs, which is an all electric car.
Also, of course a big part of it is saving money...if you didn't care about that, you would go bankrupt.
Zenzo Mtungwa
The ship is powered by a diesel engine meaning there is kinetic energy. That said I don\'t see the need for solar panels because if you connect an alternator or a few alternators to the moving diesel engine, you produce electricity with little or no extra energy required from the diesel engine to move those alternators. What sounds better is the use of solar panels to power up a motor that powers a few large generators with a belt or prop shaft that will power the ships electric engines which power the rotor blades and electricity requirements for the rest of the ship, no diesel engine needed.
@ Zenzo. If you use the engine to run lighting, that means some of the horsepower drain is taken away from propulsion. The generator needed for a ship this size would be large. Not having to use a generator for the lighting makes the engine simpler and potentially a slightly smaller engine needed.
re; VoiceofReason
Right but don\'t forget the parasitic drag of the generator\'s bearings and drive-line. .......................................................................................................................
Efficiency is great but the drivel about CO2 reduction is getting old.
Flipider Comm
Use of compressed air to super charge the engines or a large flywheel rotating mechanical device that is used to store rotational energy. Both of which could be charged while in Port.
Astro Rosaire
Go NUCLEAR!!! Nuclear electric ship propulsion has the capability to vastly improve the carbon footprint of such large vessels. AND the best part is that, contrary to popular belief, it is recyclable. Just not politically favorable.
THANK YOU Slowburn! :-)
What magic turns 1400 into 4200? CO2 comes out weighting 60 (each molecule), so needed at least 1960tons of pure \"C\" in the first place, no?
I love the way we\'re all signing up to trade something we can\'t see, and something that almost nobody knows about, and as it turns out, something that people can conjour up magic numbers from, yet nobody (else) seems to notice.
Whoever dreamed up this new trading comodoty was a genious. No need to scam pennies from poor folks, lets scam the entire wealth of nations, all at once, instead. Yay traders.