Seth Miesters
Just perfect! Great loft.
Chuck Anziulewicz
I could live there easily. Not so sure about the "off-grid" part, but a home like that would be sufficient to my needs.
Zaron Gibson
My mom and I have been toying with the idea of moving, buying a single plot of land, and having 2 houses like this (one for each of us). This way we save costs and each get our privacy.
I think this is really nice. I would not mind living in such a small yet cool house.
Wesley Dart
What an amazing concept. I would be quite happy to live in one of these once the kids eventually move out.
Ralf Biernacki
Great layout, cheap price, looks comfortable and practical. I like it.
There is just one fly in the ointment. How is this house heated? Because if it's not, it's just an upscale tent, nothing more. And if it's electrically heated, then it's hardly off-grid; the power bill will be as big as the house is small, what with the thin walls, big windows, and large surface/volume ratio.
Cute little house. I like the SIP construction. BUT, where the **** do they get the pricing on this? Are they trying to recoup their entire R&D budget (and amortizing the new SIP machine) on the first few dozen homes? At $25k, I'd expect a completely furnished house, rain/graywater/septic systems, solar panels and lights, all delivered and set up on my site.
Geeze, are they using titanium siding and platinum sink? I could build and sell a basic house like that for under $10k and still make a profit while charging for the assembly. I love these little concept homes, but pricing is still so un(ahem)real. Sign me -- NoCondo NoMBA NoBMW.
How well insulated are they? Are they suitable for cold climates? They're pretty small, why not make them modular.... hook a bunch of them together to make a bigger and bigger home as funds become available (or as the family grows).
Robert Bissett
Maybe okay for a weekend. Who in the third world could afford one? Or first world for that matter. $250 per square foot! The layout does look very efficient alright. How about a set of plans and material list for the do-it-yourselfer.
Ruth Vallejos
Nicely designed, and flat packed to boot! Very impressive.
Just one more thing to make me even happier. How about a handrail? Seriously, you are in bed, the tummy flu strikes, you have to go down these risers that are quite high on treads that are unequally shaped. Give me something to grab!
It's a pet peeve, I know. The building code - it's been saving us from ourselves for quite some time, now!