Derek Howe
"Development and obtaining FDA approval of such a drug is probably a decade or more away," That is the worst part. I'm constantly reading about new methods of killing cancer, or killing obesity, or increasing your muscle mass without working out, eradicating tumors, the list goes on & on, but FDA approval takes a freaking eternity!
As someone that already takes low-dose aspirin as a prophylactic, this to be wonderful news about NSAIDs with vastly improved anti-cancer properties. I hope these drug companys get these products to the market quickly despite the FDA road-blocks and red-tape.
Philippe Rockholt
My mother has just been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, she will probably die before this new drug is FDA approved. How many more people is the Gestapo FDA is going to kill in the name of profit!
This is such a simple compound to synthesize that I am sure clinics in Mexico will spring up long before it ever meets FDA approval.. There is a *remote* possibility that because it's based on ASA, they could "fast track" it.. Sure..
Ten years is simply inexcusable. There should at least be legal provisions to allow accelerated use for people already suffering from cancer and projected to die.
"How many more people is the Gestapo FDA is going to kill in the name of profit!" Are you serious? Organizations like the FDA actually restrain the companies that would profit most of selling untested crap to desperate people at premium prizes. 10 years ago there were already such wonder-drugs against cancer. And 10 years before and 10 before that. And how many reliable therapies do we have now? Right. When some enthusiastic scientists come up with a sensational therapy, you'll read it in a hundred magazines. But if in ten subsequent studies no one could proof their results in unbiased conditions you read it in maybe 2 or 3 publications. The scientific standard in medical publications is horrible. Few seem to know the mathematical basics to perform conclusive studies and to many of those who do, use their knowledge to obscure the facts.
Matt Rings
If true, it will be available via Mexico and Europe and Canada LONG before the USA. If we weren't such a litiginous society or a government in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry, we wouldn't have these long FDA approval processes.
William Gray
The problem with the FDA is that it is seriously "in the pocket" of Big Pharma. Look at Aspertame............twice it was rejected but finally 'allowed' to be marketed as a "safe" alternative to, after it has been on the market for 20 years, it has been found to be anything BUT 'safe' pheylketoneuria; creation of formaldehyde under certain conditions; tested to have negative effects upon vital organs, etc. The research has been there all along but is NOW being looked at with some seriousness AFTER it has been on the shelves for years..... look at Thalidamide back in the 70(?) and the birt defects it caused..............just look at the number of Class Action Lawsuits being lodged against Big Pharma for drugs the FDA has "approved" recently! Im not saying that they don't do anything to'protect' us,,,,but they surely need some Overseeing!
Very surprised to hear of the 'positive effects' of hydrogen sulphide considering how it eats through concrete sewer pipes.
This super aspirin may be highly effective in tissue culture but will probably not survive intact either orally in the stomach or intravenous in blood due to low water solubility and instability just like aspirin which loses its acetyl group quite easily. That would mean losing the nitrate group and leave only the sulfide source. Probably will require some structural tweaking to increase solubility via hydrophilic not the currently used hydrophobic linkers.