Ralf Biernacki
I'm not an expert on nuclear engineering, but won't these heavy ions injected into the reactor be exposed to neutron flux and possibly transmuted into nasty isotopes? One of the advantages of fusion is that it is supposed to generate little nuclear waste. . .
Your technique to decelrare excessive high-speed electrons , relating to fusion Power . Is to use H+atoms , which are greedy to gain electrons Into H2 H3 et cetera .. in which to form fusion with helium .H+ Atoms have no energy state ,but make up 63% of the universe . Jacktar
Fusion is a pipe dream that will never be a reality. The future is wind, solar, geothermal.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
ITER is expected to produce 1000 MW thermal. The electron loss doesn't seem to be that big of a concern.
Vincent Wolf you might want to remember that solar (PV) was a pipe dream just a few decades ago, but after a lot of research and development it is ready for commercial use. The same outcome for fusion cannot be achieved without a lot of research, besides who knows what other interesting technologies may be developed along the way.
560 years to come up with a new idea. Fusion is science's WORST idea EVER!
Wishful thinking will aways be more successful than pessimism.
A waste of resources better spent on renewables.
Christopher Nigel Phillips
As several correspondents have already noted This type of fusion power is a dead duck. The big elephant in the room is that the theory of nuclear fusion as the sun's source is most likely wrong.
We do not know what the temperature is at the core, we can only measure the atmosphere ie corona = millions K, photosphere 4.5 -6kK and the view to the interior sunspot umbra is even lower. In other words logically the sun's energy source comes from outside. The most recent evidence is high speed electrons which were detected at the heliopause by Voyager probes. Since nobody has visited the North or South poles of our star we have not actually seen these electrons entering, but the circuitry has been theorised by Prof Don Scott (http://electric-cosmos.org/). The SAFIRE experiment has shown the principle in laboratory conditions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K_GBBspZjs).
Tapping into this massive electrical system witnessed by solar wind and aurorae will be an engineering challenge but ultimately beneficial for mankind.
I agree that the future is wind, solar, geothermal, and BATTERIES. Also, they guy in the picture looks like he needs some sleep.