Gary Bonney
In the real world there is not a chance in hell of this giving a 20% speed increase "He claims that cyclists using his fairings can go up to 20 percent faster without any extra effort."
Leonard Foster Jr
2lbs on the kit they need to speak with me no reason this should weigh more than .5lbs complete
Arnold Stonehouse
I am NOT trying to "bash" this idea. But...I have VERY mildly "aero" rims on my bike and in crosswinds I can tell this. Now if my little rims tug on the bars in a crosswind.....what is THIS going to do in crosswinds? That's right Virginia, into the weeds at speed (if you are lucky, the other option does not bear thinking about!) As well a 20% increase in speed sounds a bit....wishful to me...
I ride and have raced recumbents, including the fully faired varity. My eperience, which is consistant with the literature on cycling/hpv aerodynamics, shows about a one-third (30 - 33%) speed increase for same effort, terrain, wind speed/direction, etc. if measured at significant speeds (i.e. starting around 30 kph). Under this speed, the effect is negative due to negligable wind impact and added weight.
The claim that adding these small aero devices to an upright bicycle will increase your speed significantly is absurd. 1 % gain. Perhaps. With optimum rider speed, and conditions of wind speed and direction.
Before making such claims, engineer Magee should do some controlled testing (use some science, not reports from some friends !). The Dutch Quest designers, for comparison, use the TU Delft wind tunnel for their work. Maybe Magee could go back to school on this too?
I might build these for my recumbent front wheeles.
Don McKinnon
The true aero gains can be measured in the field with a power meter. Until such data is presented you can't help but call it BS. @Arnold, rim shape has everything to do with how crosswinds (yaw angles) affect handling. Go over to Zipps website and read about the V shape, Toroidal, Hybrid Toroidal and now Firecrest designs. Each made crosswind performance better. The new deep rims are the previous designs next size down in terms of the crosswind performance.
Gary Kaiser
wow,, they kind of invented 'fenders', and added some market hype. will help keep mud splatter down I guess
Edwin Austin
I'm also not trying to bash the idea but couldn't it be designed a bit cleaner? It's awfully clunky looking. Maybe if it was incorporated with a fender system it might be worth checking out.
gary k, thats my first thought.take a fender and change its description... invention! but then thats our-historic post educational traditions world 4ya! oh, and the upwards, rearwards mud? well, no so much fending off is done by this fender...but thats an entirrly different issue: what to wear on my hip new wheels
Michael Crumpton
$200 for some long fenders? I almost did a spit take.