Daniel Faulk
Has it seriously come to this? We're so lazy that we would eat balloons instead of diet and exercise?
Waldemar Stelmach
Health Care/Politics seems to be very profit-driven when comes to the "war on obesity". Weight loss is really simple process - I personally have done it. Just getting rid of sugars, vegetable oil for frying and some carbohydrates does wonders. In the mean time, marijuana is illegal while being less toxic and addictive than high fructose corn sugar, which we sell to the kids in schools...
Bob Ehresman
If you can take it like a pill, I have to wonder if you could pressurize it with a chemical reaction? And perhaps use another pill to break it down when the time is up. This might well be doable with no endoscopy what so ever....
The Skud
You would need very good monitoring to decide it was in exactly the right place. Very risky in my book.
Drinking lots of water before and during eating does the same thing and it is a lot cheaper! The cheapest and best way is self control. If you WANT to loose weight - leave it on the plate.
Ritchard Mckie
It's still expensive.
Jimbo Jones
Wonder if they have pizza flavored?
Drinking excessive amounts of water can be dangerous in itself- so whilst you are not wrong, one needs to be a wee bit careful not to overdo it.
"Excessive amounts of" food "can be dangerous" as well. A sound mind with a balanced view of eating is needed for one to have self control.
Red Simpson
It is true, drinking too much water can be dangerous, but it is very difficult to get to those levels, as your stomach will feel full.