Mark Mitchell
Well heck now all they need is four or five trillion dollars to make it happen. No problemo.
Jim Parker
Props for trying, but I\'m going to bet they won\'t have the project even begun by 2050. It\'s a bet, not a guarantee. Prove me wrong, all you scientists and engineers. Impress me!
Michael Gene
Only Government projects cost that much, private concerns don\'t need to reward their political allies with huge slush funds hidden in so called \"high priority\" but never read 10,000 page legislation.
Von Meerman
Next step: Chaining the moon!
Carlos Grados
This will work only after all terrorism is abandoned- it seems like too tempting a target otherwise.
Stephen Colbourne
Build a rotovator instead. This is a rotating cable in LEO that will be much cheaper to build and quicker.
Tw Tan
A lot of detail not include in article above. What I know more is the so call elevator has lifting speed about 200km/hr, mean about it takes 180hour non stop or 7.5day to reach terminal station. Carrying passenger will demand accommodation, food and living stuff. Thus the space elevator will not fit the name! The is other source describe this facilities is build to store (use nuclear fuel). It this the true and it the passenger is robot, than all doubt clear!
So. unbreakable 96000km carbon cable, with counterweight. Diameter of Earth is just under 25000km. Lose counterweight somehow. Now we have an unbreakable cable wrapping itself around our home roughly 3 3/4 times. Hmmmm. Well it\'ll solve the middle east problem I guess. Moving to a temperate zone in 2049.
Alex Griffiths
Recommended reading - The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C Clarke.
I agree with C. Grados. Terrorism will be just one of many items to overcome. I don\'t think it will ever be built.