In Mice!
Define high fat. What's the sugar intake alongside that?
uday pasricha
Always worried that science is funded to consistently go after only fats & conveniently leave out carbs and sugar. We read that Alzheimer is being referred to as Diabetes 3 & sugar is linked to so many ailments. Then the many reports low carb high fat diets are reversing many lifestyle ailments We know there are so many types of fats, their origin is critical, the type of feed of the animal creates a difference. The target is usually saturated fats. But fats need to be defined & compared with fried fats and with transfats. Fats with carbs is different than fats on their own. The list against carbs and sugar is overwhelming, and we hope that publishers always find out who funded the research. Results on mice linked to dietary tests do not deserve headlines similar to drug trials.
Yes, what kinds of fats did they eat etc. This is clearly the high carb lobby trying to get you to eat what actually makes you sick. Obese people are seldom obese from eating HEALTHY fat but from eating high carb. That raises insulin that signals to the body to store fat. Cutting the carbs is the only way to reverse the process. And then you have to replace the carbs with HEALTHY fats that fuel the brain and make you feel better, not worse. But if you make millions of $ from selling this rubbish advise why would you stop. Keep them sick - that's what pays for the Ferrari!
F. Tuijn
It would be better to find the types of fatty acid doing the damage and reduce these in human nutrition. Or is the intention to support the pharmaceutical industry and not damage the profits of the food industry?
Where to start? This study is an example of 21st century phrenology juiced up with Sci-Rap. Nice work guys! It has turned my Cerebrum into a flight risk. Alright, who took my PDE-5 inhibitors? (Funding source hiding behind the Amygdala.)
Douglas Bennett Rogers
I went from 210 to 170 by going gluten free and maintaining caloric content with increased fats. I greatly reduced the swelling in my feet. I needed my gall bladder out after this, probably because of the caloric restriction. I later regained the weight by increasing consumption of mostly egg whites.
Complete hog wash, I'm currently on a Ketogenic eating plan, high fat, moderate protein, and low Carbohydrate. I'm not depressed and neither are the hundreds of others on Keto that I know of. In fact, I've lost 80 pounds so far and as I type this I'm wearing the Hawaiin shirt that I last wore 18 years ago when I met my wife.... I'm far from depressed and about 75% of what I eat is healthy fats.
The scientists in Glasgow need to rethink their scientific process... they found the answer they wanted to find.... that ain't science.
It would be nice if there were more details made public by these scientists pursuing certain research goals, ie. who's paying them for their work and why. Unfortunately, we are just the consumers of their efforts. I don't think they want us consumers to know what's going on behind door #3.
Mark Uzick
Junk "science" promoting junk food!