Pierre-André Aebischer
My guess is that if you break a few pins in the service port, your room lock will become a lot safer... albeit maybe not as upgradable...
Great. This comes out before I will be spending next week in a hotel. Makes me feel secure.
Always assume that those who want to break in will. Don't keep valuables in the room lying around. Instead leave them in the room safe, or better yet, the hotel safety deposit box.
Paul van Dinther
As Pierre-André Aebischer says. But you are not supposed to leave valuables in your room and on the inside there is usually a door chain as well.
Super Glue is cheaper than an upgrade.
The best you can really expect from a hotel door is that it keeps people out when you have the deadbolt set and it keeps stray children out when your not there.
Matrix Key Systems
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You can almost guarantee that some hotels will be too lazy to upgrade their locks with the new firmware, leaving themselves open to this kind of break in.
If the hotels have cameras in the corridor they can see who's up to something rather than just inserting their keycard...
Locks are a hindrance to the innocent and offer no obstacle to the guilty.
It was ever thus.
If you don't want stuff nicked out of your hotel room, don't leave it in there.