Nice for a public system like this. Assuming there is a professional caretaker, and big re-usable backwash filter systems. On small scale in a single family home, "sophisticated filtering system" and all that jazz are prone to a lot of problems, starting with the filters becoming an issue if not properly maintained, energy use for both manufacture and operation of a complex system like this, and disposal problems if there are parts of the filtering system that need to be disposed of frequently. How about just pumping the shower water as-is back up for a few times? I can have a five-liter-shower with just a little pump and a valve. After all, when I sit in a full bath tub, I sit all the same in my own mud. If I can do that, I might as well cycle my soapy shower water two or three times before drawing some fresh water for a rinse. My washer does that. Why not me? No hightech needed, no filters to replace, no bacterial issues from missed filter replacements, and no extra waste coming from my already pretty wasteful industrialized household.
Hugh Cowart
Would like to see this in a camper or boat system as well. Long hot showers on the go FTW.
The power and consumables needed to recycle the water must eat into the savings of the dirt. Shipping the dirt back to Orbital Systems for final disposal is a bonus!
This is going to make all those people that are currently quite comfortable with peeing in the shower think twice!
Failing that you could shower for four or five minutes instead of ten. I'd like to see a full life cycle analysis of this product, including the energy for manufacture and maintenance.
Be nice to see a cost estimate. Often these projects are often affordable only by the rich. But imagine what they would save schools,gyms,and other high users.
Not really feasible for private use, but I can see how efficient it would be in public bath houses, swimming pools, etc.. Hope they are able and do test the purification very very thoroughly.
Why not have a timer fitted to the shower, with a visual display of how much time left? For commercial systems you could pay by the minute. Personally, I get myself wet and warm; turn off the water, apply shower gel, lather up, then turn on and rinse off.
Luke Hopkins
There were some guys who went on "New Inventors" Tv Show here in Australia with this exact product about five years ago. I wonder what happened with it? Regardless, it's a damn awesome idea and should be put into every new home!
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
What with the possibility of water shortages occurring in every part of the world, I applaud this idea of water conservation. Showering, toilet flushing and washing machines constitute the bulk of our (wasteful?) water usage. People use more water every year, but luckily technologies are already being implemented that actually reduce water usage on a country and yearly basis. One day this sort of idea will get incorporated in our daily lives, and we will be a bit smarter handling our limited resources. And people will then indeed think twice before peeing in the shower. :)