Julien Fournier
Can this storage liquid be transfered from one container to another? Would'nt it be insane to convert gaz station into batterie fluid dispenser to use in car? haha
@Julien It would be cool but I suspect the energy density is too low for this to be practical in vehicles.
Mike Conley
Very cool! Very well done, gentlemen. More power to you.
i suspect the weight of both storage fluid and container would be more than useful for a car. i like the storage idea and think i'll research sustainable innovations to see if the company is worth investing in.
I still like the Ambri storage battery concept,which uses inorganic and inexpensive components: http://www.ambri.com/ No need to worry about the number of charge cycles you can get,because the Ambri components never deteriorate.
Yellow River
The man in the picture looks like a mad scientist! And his brain has cooked up just what we need!!! Very cool idea, no doubt the way to go for tomorrow and renewable energy!!
The article makes no mention of toxicity issues. The recent spills in West Virginia makes it abundantly clear that the best time to think about the downsides of a given technology is before it gets leaked in to the open world. Flow batteries and other tools are clearly essential tools for building a robust new energy industry that fits well into the world across the full scale from homes to grid, local & regional. A reagent that must be diluted in water to prevent catching fire sounds like a great material for storing & transporting energy but you want to make certain it does not wind up leaking into a basement, your yard, the nearest stream, down the median strip of a highway, etc., etc. I look forward to hearing more about this development!!
Facebook User
This looks really cool! Keep up the good work!
Toxity? We are refering to plant material.
Harvard ? wow ! this is gonna make the guys down the road at MIT crazy. After all , until CERNS nails down practical cold fusion, the storage of renewable energy is the holly grail. Great research team photo, those are the kind of faces that will soon now change the world. so many of the conflicts and hardships in the world today, can become irrelevant with a few more small hurtles in technology. hurtles just like this one ! congrats and good luck , please bring this ship on into port !!!