Michael Mantion
lol 70k and there is no info on the range.
\"The five Li-ion batteries concealed behind smooth exterior covers are said to offer a range of 60 miles (100 km\" Just a toy for people with more money than sense
With all the electric bikes coming out I have to ask, why is no one putting the motor in the rear wheel hub and thus removing the need for a large number of parts and excess weight? If memory serves me right GM invented a motor and new material called MagnaQuench for the magnets in just such a motor way back in the late 70s or early 80s. With the motor in the read wheel\'s hub you have fewer things to go wrong, like a belt breaking or wearing and more space to put batteries. Better yet you lighten the swing arm and allow for better suspension and thus a better ride.
Once again a motorcycle that is more hype than useful. Really $70K for an electric motorcycle, and it only goes 70mph for 60 miles, maybe... Come on now E-V Concepts can build you a chopper style bike for less than 20K. Yes it has body work that cover a large part of the frame. But so does this bike, but cost a whole lot less. Come on people, look at what Brammo did, and for a lot less than $70K, for that price I could buy a small fleet of bike and have money left over to buy gear and have fun. Also look at http://pmlflightlink.com/ they have been making electric wheel motors for the past 5 years. I have tried to get my hands on a few of these units for some projects that I want to build. So stop making a mountain out of a very small molehill, when there are other bikes more news worth than this one and just about everyone can afford. This bike is bike Art, and No more then that.
Bill Bennett
and no silver solder at the high amperage crimp connections, that seems cheap or am I old school?
Utterly gorgeous? Not only is it abominably ugly, it\'s also an utterly worthless exercise.
Reluctantly and unusually, I must concur with the \'Negatives\'. My first thoughts on reading the article were that a \'cruiser\' should be able to go all day on long journeys, and that the design with the retro rear end seems to imitate the old single seater Harleys etc. I wonder why some electric bikes [like this one], have an unnecessary petrol tank shape in front of the rider, when a scooter design protecting the legs from rain or accidental incursion would be far more practical? As to the price for a short journey toy, maybe most readers will have their own opinions! As already mooted, this is just an impractical design exercise to be sought/bought by wealthy poseurs. I do, however admit to liking the overall image! Ian Colley.
Yep, gorgeous it ain\'t. Anyone who spends $70k on it is a sap. Show up at Sturgis on this crapper and you\'d be laughed out of town (if they don\'t tar & feather you first.)
Joe Wesson
@ rdinning i have to say that i am not a conspiracy nut, but do know something about business. we would like to have a no-maintenance very-efficient vehicle because we are enthusiasts and consumers who want the best bang for the buck. a retail manufacturer is more concerned about repeat business and the continued support infrastructure. for business, it always comes down to profit. for consumers, it always comes down to gratification. if the consumer, and there will be a few, thinks that this design is going to meet the need for speed at an affordable price, there will be a sale. at that point the concern for the environment and the burgeoning parts market will take a distant back seat. we engineers are always told to engineer a failure point so that business can continue. as long as people care more for themselves than others, it will be a fact of life that everyone needs a job. so the answer as to why a lot of the technology promise of the gasoline embargo years has not come to pass is, it's just not good for business. it would be nice if there were a very small electric generator that ran on renewable energy supplying power to the wheels with hub motors that lasted as long as we do. we can only hope that an engineer comes along and convinces a manufacturer to produce what is best for us. but i won't hold my breath. :)
Zgabearta Iftode
check out the specifications for Brammo Empulse 10: Empulse Performance: 100 mph (160 km/h) Average Range: 100 miles (160 km) http://www.brammo.com/empulse_specifications/