I can imagine it's gonna get awfully toasty in there.
Jeffrey Puritz
I want one!!
Head on the desk with a bag over it? Hope all the CO2 doesn't stop u waking up again.
Whoever uses this is going to have a serious case of pillow hair.
hahahahaha, couldn't stop laughing at the guy wearing that to nap in a public place like an airport, roflol, he'll scare little children...
Ben Stegemoller
Now you, yes YOU, can live out your socially unacceptable desires by shoving your head into abstract representation of a human vagina and uterus.
Sleeping on the job. Yeah, that'll get you that promotion. I've seen ridiculous things being promoted but this one certainly has raised that bar.
Bryan Paschke
It looks funny, but I could see a use for it...of course, a built in 20 minute timer would help for a REAL power nap and to make sure I don't oversleep during my lunch break.
Kenny Creed
Sorry, but few people are gonna go for the "An Alien pod is eating my head" look.
Gort P
@ Buellrider I assume you have never heard of narcolepsy among other sleep disorders .... this would be frikkin brilliant ... and that nap at lunchtime for those who suffer from narcolepsy is the difference of being unemployed or able to function within the workplace not to mention preventing a lethal accident as soon as they try to drive home ....... I just wish I could of had the opportunity to try one of these before my ride to hospital in an ambulance ( collapse not accident, already had heaps of minor scrapes and bumps)