Heated seat and hand grips a must!
I want one. I always want a new 20 year old body and dump my 70 year old one.
The thing I like the most about it is that mechanically it's an extraordinarily simple machine. There is probably opportunity to borrow from the design for a larger battery ebike if you fork the ear part of the battery to allow the taller rear wheel to be in the middle.
Going downhill fast in deeper snow may cause the front ski to dig in for a tumble.
I would be thrilled not to spend much of the winter listening to snow machines playing on local trails.
I consider it a real blessing that they actually gave us a video of this thing without the annoying loud music,just the ambient sounds.
Man, those are great! Yeah, seat and grip heaters would be I'd prol try to use waste heat from the controllers and motors rather than resistance materials though... no point in wasting KWh :-)
Yes please.
Super cool. And finally a company that recognizes the benefit of skipping the music sound track in favor of hearing the actual sounds (second video)! Love the French brand/company name Moonbikes as well!

Although, even living in a northern Midwest US state that gets snow, the price will likely be out of reach for this 3-4 month of the year France-based toy. Seems like they'd benefit from a dirt off-road conversion kit even if the "bike" is sub-optimal for that use.
Nelson Hyde Chick
How much for this fun machine? Too bad it is entering a shrinking market what with climate change making the earth warmer, ergo less snow.