Sherry Friedrichs
I'd like one of these. How much are they going to be? Where will they be available?
This is brilliant. A portable power source that can be installed where it's needed, and expandable too. I wonder why lead acid batteries are used instead of LiFePo4 units. There must've been a reason.
Kudos to Panasonic.
This kind of system is a good way to cut installation costs which is now bigger than the panel prices. Also in many places it won't even require a permit, just put it in and plug it in to a dryer outlet, plug and play style.
My version would be either a useable shed or just a trailer with the Panels on it, just tow home and plug in.
For those who want solar now, just buy your system/kit from sunelec or other places for about $1.50/wt and have a local electrician to install what you can't. In most places this is cheaper than utility power. especially if offgrid even including storage costs.
The is probably one of the most neglected parts of solar. Numerous universities and companies spend countless hours trying to improve things panel manufacturing and efficiency but if you were to install a solar rig capable of powering your home the panels themselves are only about half the total cost. The other half of the cost is the kit required for store and make use of the power and products in that space are still pretty niche and expensive.
Solar thermal could provide hot water, refrigeration, and electricity.
Future Modular Solar/Battery solutions will only get less expensive and more popular as better technology makes them more cost effective. These units will soon be used not only in remote locations but everywhere that there are homeowners and businesses that want to maximize their return from their own Solar systems instead of adding their Energy into the Grid and then having their Utilities only reimburse them with a fraction of its true value. This will shorten payback periods and make adding these units, a must have option, especially if these people also have one or more eVehicles whose batteries will increase the efficiency of these Solar Modular Energy Units (Solar MEU or better yet, Solar Modular Energy (SOME).
There are numerous companies building RAPS units in sea containers which can be loaded on a truck and require no assembly. I saw 100kVA fold-out panel units back in the nineties.
12 modules of 240 watt would be total of around 2.48 KW. This size of modules would produce around 9 to 10 kWh of electricity in a day and not 3 KWs as reported in the article. Pls. clarify on this. Also please indicate the price of this kit c.i.f. India port. Thanks Kamal Garg
RMI claims stand alone solar voltaic is cost effective in Hawaii now. But their cost is higher than most states. I would convert the moment I could get 90% back just to be free of the monopoly. Energy independence is one step we can take to freedom while weakening the state.
David Frederick
I'd buy a couple of these and power a house. Where can I get them?