My Sony Smartwatch 3 (SW3) is just as thin, lasts just as long (1.5 to 2 days), and delivers the full Google Wear experience.
Dan Parker
Save your money. In 10 years they'll be giving these things away with a Happy Meal.
Is it water proof? All of the Smart watches miss the boat on this. None are worth anything until they become waterproof. Even the activity trackers do not get this.
Tom Mav
Interesting article. Well pointed out that no one really needs a smartwatch right now. The Steel version is a better fit for me, primarily due to battery life. Works with Runkeeper, tells me the time and date, lets me know when JLaw has texted me, etc. Don't really need a phone replacement on my wrist. Forgot my phone the other day and actually kept breathing all thru the day, but that's another story. As far as price, everything is relative here. Looked at the Apple site, and they offer a US$17,000 model to the Sheeple. Imagine that's flying out the warehouse...
Rocky Stefano
The only reason that watch costs more is because of the fact it's thin. You always pay more in material handling, tooling and assembly when dealing with components in wafer thin formats.
@RobertRoss, regarding waterproof smartwatches, allow me to quote "The SW3 ups the ante when it comes to waterproofing. All the other Android Wear models, aside from the Asus ZenWatch (which can only manage an IP55 rating), are IP67 rated – meaning they can last 30 minutes in water at a depth of 1m. Sony's effort has an IP68 rating, so you can go double the depth for double the time without damage, which will hopefully enable swimming features in the future."
I don't know what the author installing about, I get Google Now reminder notifications on my Pebble all the time. You just have to enable notifications from the Google App in the Pebble notification settings...
it looks pretty but cheap with poor resolution of the round screen. It loses connectivity with nearby iphone all the time and letting you know about it with annoying buzz every few seconds. And forget about using it as the fitness/running monitoring device - it simply not supported by any of the mainstream apps - Endomond, MapMyRun, Strata... And yeah if your Facebook friends are sending your message in some other than english language then you wont see anything readable on the screen, it just not supporting any languages as Russian for example. Verdict: useless and pretty annoying piece of hardware on your hand. Oh, and forget about getting any support from the Pebble - they don't even have a customer service phone number (!) and they would never acknowledge their product sucks. Look for some other wearable tech somewhere else.
​Very cheap watch. I ordered one and am in the process of trying to return it. It doesn't do much at all. For $250 you do not get very much of a smart watch at all. Why is there a wide ring around the outside of the display? If that ring was not there the display would be alot bigger. I am in the process of trying to get my money back. Their HORRIBLE customer service will not answer my questions in the mutiple emails I have sent them. There is no phone number to call. I HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT buy this watch.
I bought the original rectangle Pebble Time for my wife and found that it is hideously large on her :0 So I now have it. I wanted to get my mom something nice for Christmas and got the Pebble Round 14mm. It was a HUGE task to get it paired with an iphone. I could pair it with my droid no problem, but the iphone was a different story. The included directions are worthless. They have 2 different apps and you MUST use the Pebble Time app for the Pebble Round watch (not stated anywhere on quick start guide). I could only get it paired with the iphone after updating the watch via my Adndoid, restart the watch, and FINALLY it would pair with the iphone.
Wanted to get my wife a solid black 14mm Round but they don't make this. I did not realize until reading this review that the Pebble Round battery only last 2 days - real bummer! To track activity and sleep, it would be much easier to just wear a garmin. Glad I read this and I will look for other options for my wife. I do think my mother will be happy with this as it as it will mostly be used as a text and call notifier since she often does not have her phone on her body like the youngsters do :)